January Challenge

Hey to all NoFappers! I’m Philipp, currently on a 266 days streak and from Germany. I’m 17 years old and I would like to help you guys with NoFap by creating a new challenge monthly. You guys can also suggest new possible challenges for the next month. To start this cold month January and this year 2018 I would like to encourage each of you to take cold showers every single day as your first challenge.
This idea is not from me. There is someone special to me on YouTube whose name is Elisha Long.

We just can change ourselves if we are willing to get in an uncomfortable situation or to do something uncomfortable. I wish everyone of you the best luck.


Hey there fellow German! I’m all in. Let’s do this. Funny story, my shower is broken right now, so I can only shower cold (or brewing hot…). A flaw in my flat I’m willing to take advantage of :wink:

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It’s now your destiny to take cold showers. I’ve been taking cold showers for almost 11 months. I like it even if it’s frightening to think about it. Glad that you will take cold showers. You won’t regret it. It helped me a lot.

It will, I’m sure. I tried it before, at least occasionally, like every second time, or if I felt like it. I liked it. This time I’ll do it on purpose to train my discipline. If I can choose to feel bad for five minutes, and it will be over afterwards in an instant, I can train my body to not be afraid of other obstacles as well!

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I’d like to do this challenge. But sorry for the noob question: by take cold showers do you mean take one whenever you get the urge or to replace your normal showers with cold ones?

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It’s a good question! Replace your normal showers with cold showers. I’ve been doing this for almost a year and it helped me a lot to feel comfortable in an uncomfortable situation.

I think taking a cold shower for a few minutes a day at least is a good start. Not every shower has to be cold. I use warm water for washing myself and cold showers for refreshing.

When one sees the benefit, one wants to take cold showers more and more.


I am ready brother. From today i will take acold shower daiy. Challenge accepted.

I take your challenge. I have taking it already from last week but yesterday i didn’t take bath. :joy::joy: So from today again day 1 of cold shower. Its a good challenge