I've relapsed, but leaving it behind in 2020

Ugh, I relapsed and with the same gross porn I was looking at before getting on this site. I lasted 5 days (counter was a bit off cuz I joined here while in a part of a streak). I am telling myself now that I am leaving this porn in 2020. I was triggered by memories and stuff and then I took it too far. But I won’t stay the same in 2021, I’m going to be better! This 5 days was the longest I think I’ve ever gone in 20 years of porn watching. Next I want to go longer!


You will but make sure you don’t do the same mistake again and again. As like you, i am here addicted for years (15)
My Current strike 26* and I am happy to tell you that with time, i am getting to know myself little more. So applies to you. You won’t believe, i thought of removing my rewire account today. I just thought,who the f*ck in this world gives a name like ‘assh’ Even asked admin, that i want to change my name but that’s not possible due to application integrity. then somehow I convinced myself. it’s again a mind game which is playing by my own mind. (same mind once back in dec2020 added the name ‘assh’ while creating an account. Then now just changed dp. Now no more mood swing. I might sound crazy but it is what it is :slight_smile: I need to fig out a way out of my ownself.