I've noticed nobody talk here about that virus Corona,

Because we battle here with our own virus for years, a true virus which kills slowly.
I just imagined what if, TV news will talk with same panic about the youth who are trapped in the porn circle, but no-one will say nothing about it. I wonder why?


Amen and amen.
My honest opinion is because Satan is good at what he does. He’s got most of the world thinking either that it’s okay or that it’s not a common problem.
I also think it is just so hard to talk about it. I am so ashamed and embarrassed about my addiction, this is one of the only places I open up about it.
I think it’s up to us, those of us who know and understand the problem, to be the front lines in fighting it. That is one of my goals in life, and I’ve got a long way to go, but this app has been a great start for me.


Basically porn is human trafficking. Now the authorities put you in prison for that, but if you put cameras and record that is not human traffic anymore it’s porn, so it’s legal. I ask myself how governments accept it , and don’t talk about it. I know porn makes us dumbs and numbs so therefore they want people like that I guess.

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True Sir. Satan empire is built off of F.E.A.R. as to which brand doesn’t matter. It’s a distraction and not good for you. I believe if in highschool they focused on Semen Retention rather then Sex Education some of the silly things wouldn’t happen now. Band together fellow brothers!