I've lost my motivation Suicide

this is very hard, I am not able to complete the challenge my girlfriend has left me and I relapsed after 21 days, I have porn induced erectyle disfunction and I am not able to have an erection without doing nofap, I have lost my motivation to do nofap (she), what can I do? I know that from now on I’m going downhill and without brakes in the nofap

First of all you should know that even if you do fap suicide is never the answer. You have friends and family who love you and this is just a bump in the road. You can get through it. Stay strong stand tall and beat this thing. Be a better man.

Hear me out until the end here I know it’s gonna sound weird. This is not professional advice though. Whenever you have any suicidal thoughts, don’t push it away. Stop what you’re in the middle of doing and move along with the thought. Think of how life is gonna look like for your loved ones. It would go something like this:

I can’t handle life anymore. I’m gonna kill myself through (let’s say) hanging myself. right here, start thinking about what happens next think about how your loved ones would find your body, heaven forbid. Think about their reactions. Think about how they’ll grieve you. About how they will live their life with guilt, thinking and imagining how they could’ve potentially stopped this. About how they would need therapy & counseling. And so on and so forth.
But don’t just think about all of this, IMAGINE it.
I say all this because I, like you, also had a period in life with suicidal thoughts. Alot. All I just told you helped me. Again, This is not professional advice though. U gotta be a certain type of person for this to help.


Girls are like government buses.
If one goes Second comes but you dont own your life to girls.
You are Supreme deity in yourself. You just have to awake your inner strength .
You are sleeping. Its time to Hustle.


My motivation to do nofap was that girl, and by that reason I fell yesterday, I think that was my mistake, my motivation cant be a girl


Your motivation must to be yourself.
I highly recommend you to read the 7 habits of highly effective people, but don’t only read it, you need to aplicate to.


Dont do NoFap for girls. Only teens think this way and its wrong on so many levels. Its the most fundamental issue in this regard. Instead do it for yourself. Find motivation on daily basis to work on yourself, skills, education, whatever. NoFap is additional energy source, which you can spend on your life improvement and if its spent right, its very real.