Ive fail again. Iam start it again now. Please dont be weak dude

Ive fail again. Iam start it again now. Please dont be weak dude

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you will get better. Each time you will be able to reach farther. Analyze your faults and why you did it and you will grow on it
keep strong

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Some (hopefully) helpful advice :slight_smile: things that do help me (but I still do somethime give in as one can see from my counter :stuck_out_tongue: )

  • No phone to the toilet, unless you have some kind of help-me-do-my-thing-App and you really need that :stuck_out_tongue:

  • As some others said “Bed is only for sleeping” (and as a place to drop like everything)

  • Meditate, it helps you stay calm and steady and it streghents your parafrontal-cortex (part of the brain we use to say no to are unwanted desires. That one part which makes us humans and not animals :slight_smile: )

  • Learn about what you are doing, why your are doing it, what it does with you, the biological and ethical implications of watching ■■■■

  • If you catch yourself masturbating to ■■■■ (and you really don’t want to/can’t stop, yeah, I’ve been there) use the moment to learn and be mindful of what happens to you and what you do. You will soon find out that trying to impregnate a screen where some pixels send some light in a really captivating manner does not seem a something worth of a homo sapiens sapiens :wink:

  • Exercise, sleep, eat healthy, have soial contacs bla bla bla the usual stuff :wink:

  • LOVE YOURSELF!! (much harder done then said) You are the only person who is always going to stick around! From self-love comes self-worth and self-respect and those are the most powerful weapons you (and we) have against ■■■■ :wink:

May the force be with you!!! ::jedemoticonididnotfind:: i


Aaaand judt two orher steps and them I’ll stop bothrring:p

WEAK?? Who? You? Wait a minute, let me get this straight for you my friend. You are the one getting punched over and over and always willing to get back up. You are the one trying to look really closely to the dirt, scooping it up with your bare hands and trying to throw it as far away as possible! (Sometimes some dirt does fall off and does catch you in the eye :wink: ) You are the one trying to better yourself! And that my friend is some pretty wicked STRENGHT you are showing! It is something most people do not want to do. They do not even want to look at the bad part of themselves!!
So never ever say you are or have been weak! The right word is normal, you have been normal by giving in to pleasure and gratification, you have been normal by letting million of years of evolution win. Now find again your inner strenght and get up and put one foot in front of the other.

And this my friend is the last advice i want to share with you because it helped me. Get at this thing One Day at a Time. Do not say I want to go 90+, 40 or whatever day wothout ■■■■. ■■■■ is at the moment a part of you (as it is of me) and you are willing to go weeks and months without that you? Man that does frankly scare the shit out of me!!
I try to focus on now! Be now the best you can be, in this very second tipping this lines, in the next few minutes in the next 24 hours and thats it! Be the best version of you for 24 hours, you can manage that I am sure!! And then start over, be the best you can be for 24 hours and so on and on and on and on! And what happens if you some day are normal again, nothing, exactly nothing! You start beeing the best you can be for the next 24 hours and some day you will be able to constantly be your best :slight_smile: (at least I hope so since I am practicing this philosphy :stuck_out_tongue: )

Love ya bud! Keep beeing overhumanly strong!!


Wow I really needed those words. Thank you!