It's working? Really?

Hello again. My name’s Lavoun again.
I’m still jobless, studyless, 19 years old guy living with and under control of parents.
Couldn’t reach 2 days for like 6 month, lost all the emotions almost entirely, nothing to live for.
But at least I started to think about one thing. If a man has lost everything, he has to have so many things to dream about. I let myself think logically. Do I have dreams?
Ohhh, I have so many dreams. First of all I’m dreaming of a girlfriend. I want to express a huge explosion of happiness when hugging a girl that loves me. For someone it’s a casual, everyday thing to be with his girlfriend. For me it’s a new undiscovered universe of experiences.
Second dream is to have a financial freedom. Money is not everything, but everything requires money. So it’s always necessary to be that I’m free guy.
Third dream… I want to be popular at something. Some job or hobby that I do better than 99,9% of people.
Next one is travelling. I was to 7-10 countries. And they were top beautiful countries. But one thing has been always spoiled my mood. I was with my parents. I didn’t enjoy my time. I want to be there again, with my girlfriend and friends. So many dreams…
My highest score was 20 days. It was only once that high. And people with higher scores say that god helped them.
Well I don’t have any reason to believe in god. Except for it helps you.
So it’s 4th day of my semen retention experience and 4th day I’m praying for my first dream (also it’s 18th day I take cold showers). Idk if its working. But at least my brain worked enough to write this message. Is it working? I’m about praying.


Remember God loves you. He loves you even when you’re in rebellion of him. He is love.

Glad you’re making strides to better yourself.

@Sacred is right, @Levonad. Without Jesus in our lives fully, we can do nothing. Satan is the darkness that tries to pull all of us away from the light. He tries to pull his schemes when we have doubt, when we are tired, when we are angry, and through other’s interactions with us. Cold showers can only do so much, because Satan cannot be sprayed away with a garden hose. That’s why King Jesus must be in our lives to protect us, and supernaturally put our flesh into submission.

You are loved dearly, @Levonad. Jesus died to unchain all of us from our vices and sins. He unchained us so that we could be free. To be his Sons, and enjoy his daily presence for all eternity starting NOW; the moment you invite Jesus into your life, His work in you begins.

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