Its so freaking hard

I tried for 2 years reached 45 days and relapsed then I quit trying and decided to live with it. Well, now I cant even get back the confidence to try again bc I dont believe I can do it anymore. Every time the urge comes I just give in it became so powerful I dont feel like I have control anymore. Its so horrible. How do I get out of this mindset.

My man don’t lose hope!
No one is perfect. Almost everyone relapsed many a times before they really gained that control. Believe in yourself! Just think how many years it took you to develop the habit so you believe you can break it in a blink? Have faith in yourself. Just keep yourself focused on goals. Know what your triggers are and try to avoid them.
I believe strongly in competing so find a friend and compete with him in no fap streak but dont do it for the sake of competition only think of it like it will eventually benefit you and will make your overall life much happier and better.
Come on lion you can do it!
Always remember if you fall 1000 times have the courage to stand up 1001 times


I’m in a similar boat for i’ve tried staying clean a couple of times in the past 4 years. More than once, I’ve passively given up trying to get free for weeks or months, only to later get back on the NoPMO journey. Quiting this addiction is a tough pill to swallow and we’ll need to accept that fact sooner or later. It’s a “pain medicine” we need to drink every single day. But it doesn’t have to be a huge battle all the time. We can engage in more of those habits that keep us away from those occasions where we would normally relapse.

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Keep believing in yourself! You can do it!!!

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