It's over. Thank you all

@Taher delete my account, please.

It has been over a year since I joined this NoFap movement. It was a pleasure meeting and talking to you guys. You helped me and I helped back as much as I could.

But I found out that to really leave this addiction behind… you have to decide to leave that whole life behind.

PMO is not a habit, but a way of living.
Think about that.

The only way to change my current way of living is to move on. And I am moving on. I am deleting this account, all my files on how “this was my last time”, all my videos I recorded when I relapsed, hoping they would help me next time,… I’m starting a new life.

Remember guys, PMO is blank space… It’s an illusion that is holding you back…
And by keeping all these records of previous streaks, journals,… you’re just saying to yourself that you’re in the process of quitting, but you’re not ready yet… Why is that true? Look, you won’t be able to post your daily update until day 100, 1000 or even 10000.

The only way to break this addiction is not to fight it, but rather understand it, accept it, and move on from it, choosing a different lifestyle and transforming into the person you want to become.

I love you guys, and I hope you all succeed

Special thanks to @Tagore .We’ve helped each other and had our ups and down.
But this is my first step to freedom.

Stay sharp.


Hey brother; you’ve been a real friend and a great companion throughout this journey. Suddenly when I saw that you were leaving I felt really sad. But I believe that you have made the right decision. Leave all the past behind and start living your authentic life my dear brother. You have been a real brother to me. I don’t have words to say; as you said we both have seen our ups and downs and supported each other as best as we could.

I pray and hope from the bottom of my heart that you will achieve all your dreams and will become a great man in this battle of life. Leave from the world as a winner, a real warrior my dear brother. I will also leave this forum anytime soon. I love you man. All the best to you :handshake::handshake::pray::pray:


If you have already decided, You might have already thought about it enough. And I respect your decision brother. If this helps you to achive freedom and Quit this Filth than better to leave all the memories of the past behind. And Start a new phase of life. I hope you live an amazing life ahead. Live a life with no regrets. :star2::100:
Good Luck brother, It was nice to meet a fighter who always keeps his words.
I still remember you said you will go to 1000 days of nofap. And You are still continuing it. :fire::beers:
This time…not one day, not after another relapse, but this time. I will too do my best to achieve Freedom :muscle:

When You will come back to post that you achieve 1000 days of nofap. I promise you won’t find me here. I will be too on a high streak. :fire::wink::handshake:
See Ya bro, Have a Great Start from here on


God bless , You will win to fight in your own circle now don’t look back you will be brave , I appreciated your decion of quiting now , keep moving forward …
We will pass on the covenant not to get caught up in the crowded crowds and distractions of the mind. we will be one hand without giving up, even if you are not a vital participant, but each of us will maintain his safety and his own circle …
Stay safe @anon72572146


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