Its not you! Its the Internet : Thoughts on past generations and why we are at a disadvantage today? (Solutions)

Before Internet was a daily necessity i.e before the 1990’s … NoFap movements weren’t such a THING…that could be true for following reasons with my arguments in () :-

  1. No one was fapping to porn (LMAO, incorrect…people having been fapping since time immemorial)

  2. There was no widespread and readily accessible porn content (Porn was available in CDS,DVDS,Magzines – all stigmatized – can’t be stored for long time secretively)

  3. People were actually living lives rather than just fapping and wasting time…(People are living today as well…but only few are living upto their potential)

Hmm…point 3 seems pretty logical to me

Problems faced by today’s generation

  1. Information overload
  2. Widespread and high speed porn
  3. Other stressful content and news at their ready disposal

All the above serve as a predicament to TODAY GEN X

Overcoming it is pretty EASY with the EasyPeasy method…
However, be warned…it wont make you SUPERMAN…it will just make you who you were, before you became this porn-induced-sex-craved-monkey-fapping-stonehead

Solutions :-
Use internet and tech to your advantage…thats all you need…rest all you already know…so I don’t wanna waste mutual time in discussing that

For staying away from distractions/blocking porn/goal tracking

Apps to use (Windows/Mac)

  1. Cold turkey blocker (
  2. Cold turkey micromanager (
  3. Anti-porn app (sadeempc)

Phone (Android/IOS)

  1. Digital Detox
  2. Forest

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