Its how we respond to triggers that matter

Every day I have been doing well and have been doing very well at controlling myself, today on day 17, I have been doing the same I have been doing everyday and that is me controlling myself and have been focusing on more important things, but in the afternoon I come home I go on my phone and check my notifications and while seeing my notifications I notice an unusual one and click on it out of curiosity, but the thing is, it turned out there were about 3 or 4 hot girl bots, with these fake girls profile pictures, and it showed the clothed girly parts too, but I remained vigilant and in control and I deleted every single one of their friend requests and I blocked every one of them, but after this happened I felt triggered, and im experiencing urges now, which are actually starting to fade away. I think I responded to these triggers quite well, and not many people are able to do this, but it gets easier with practice. The Moral of this story is it is how you respond to triggers or other challenging situations that matter the most.


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