It's been a year

Hi, no one asked for this but i’ve been gone from this place for a long time, now i’m back. If you remember me, thank you very much, i appreciate it. This month marks the month where i got this stupid addiction. I can’t believe it, i’ve been fighting this thing for a year now and it’s still not dead. This addiction cost me a lot of energy, i can’t do homework, i can’t motivate myself to do diet, i just can’t do anything productive. Now i’m on my 6 day streak. Wish me luck guys


Good Luck brother :fire: :muscle: Just Remember you are not alone, And You are not behind there are a lot of people who have already quit fighting or they are still fighting in this forum from 1-2 years or even more than that. Just Don’t ever give up, Giving up with cost you a lot. End this addiction once and for all and end this here in 2021. :+1: And enter 2022 with a lot of achievements :beginner: :clap:

We are all together in this, And We all will get through this one day :wink:

Stay Strong, Stay Busy

There’s a quote from Attack on titans Anime, which I really like would like to share-

If You Win, You Live. If You Lose, You die. If you Don’t Fight, You can’t Win. The Only way to win is to Fight :fire:


Oops I’m here not even for a half of year, anyways do your best bro :relieved::relieved::relieved: You can’t win over the world without winning over you :sunglasses::sunglasses:

Ahh AOT moments and Eren moments aligns perfectly with our crisis with this addiction :star_struck::star_struck::star_struck::star_struck::star_struck:

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