It's all about Willpower

100% Truth that we all do not want to accept

We can watch 100 of hours of nofap.
We can install 10 apps to help.
We can write 100 oaths
We can read 10 books
We can read 1000 stories.
We can have 100 companions.

But at the end of the day, it’s all about
Saying No, before a single idea come to your mind,
Before switching to incognito
Before fooling yourself that you won’t touch just watch
Before your mind convince you that I will stop rubbing before cumming.
Before you think you are depressed and just a video to sleep better is ok.
Before you rub here and there in morning when it’s gets hard
Before drowning in sexy fantasy

It’s as simple as it’s hard.
Saying No, and moving on.
It takes guts to roll it over.

Can you?


Dear tsfu friend, I very much agree with your words, it really is all a matter of focus, willpower and discipline.

It seems that in my case, the more time goes by it’s getting more difficult, especially during the nights, these I’m having to fight a lot, because I practiced these things at night!

My congratulations for your words!