It's all about the weather - stronger urges?

Hey guys,

Do you think there are stronger urges when there’s a warm front at/in(?) the weather?

I was thinking about this and it makes sense to me…


If weather can stimulate you to fap… i dont know what will happen when a hot women stands in front of you !

I think weather is an excuse for sexual body needs.

It may or may not be.
But whatever happens, we have to remember the promise we make to ourselves.

If weather is making us comfortable to fap. Then we are in the wrong place. Go take a cold shower.
Set those hormones back to normal.

Stay strong sis.


@comingclean Don’t fap girl !! I don’t know if fapping has the same effect on a woman as a man but if you think you might have a problem with fapping, you need to go out and explore new things, meet new people, make new friends and have more fun. For men, fapping is a loss of their seed or semen, so they become less masculine and more weak. For you since you don’t lose your seed, it might not be physically harmful but rather just psychologically.

Go out and meet more people and get your life together. You go girl !!

Where in Europe are you from ?

She is a female nofapper. So you mean hot man

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Man OR Women … both lose ENERGY


Ofcourse man lose his seed also but not always… man have dry orgasm also… and there is limit of losing Energy… there is a limit … beyond which nature doesnt allow for continous orgasms.

Didnt knew that…

I don’t know man. My perception is that it affects the brain more. Let the lady answer for herself.

Ofcourse it sucks the brain in a few seconds.

If you knew everything… i wonder why did you involved everybody in a group discussion.

Well if u are sensitive enough every weather plays its role in the body…the thing is have u experience the change due to weather?