It really haunts me

Prone masturbation is not a good way of masturbating and it’s treated as the worst way by even doctors who say masturabtion ie good. I have been prone masturabting from a long time . I remember when I was of 7 years old I started humping on bed which is just to rub your penis on soft material. Whenever I used to do it I used to feel too low and often becone tired. When I become 12year old then while I used to hump a liquid came out from my p… , which at that time I feared that I got infected from something but it wasn’t so as After some time I realised whatever I was doing for so long was actually masturbating and the liquid is the sexual fluid. Many of my friend told me it’s healthier and makes you relax , but what I always drear the most was they always do it with their hand and I was doing it on bed . As for more than 2 years I did it by looking at sexy images . When I came to become 15 year than I was introduced to porn and from there I become addicted to porn and started masturbating in this very same position for more than 18 months

But luckily my girlfriend once realised that after every 3 to 4 days I become weak so I confessed to her about all this and she helped me a lotttttt a lotttttt and I really feel bless to have a caring friend like her who helped me. My relapse period started decreasing and I become less prompt to watch porn and masturbating.

But the worst part is when I started watching porn in the age between 15 and 16 ; I always masturbated by rubbing my erected penis to bed which hurted me most and made me tired a lot sometimes not letting me wake up in morning .

My penis has become too small and too sensitive and the worst part is my foreskin can be pulled back full to my penis ( when not erect ). I don’t know it’s normal or not but pls friends clear it . I FELT RELEIVED AFTER POSTING IT AND GIVING IT OUT OF MY HEAD.


My friends @NeverGiveup420 , @The_wild_perception , @PrDr @anon65589122 give some advice which Can really help me. :pray::pray::pray:

Freinds pls for God’s sake don’t say to visit a doctor :pray::pray:


Don’t masturbate at all… Problem solved… No doctor nothing… Firstly delete the triggers. Instagram, Facebook, whatsapp watever

If you really want this problem to go then You should cross 21 days barrier. Thats gonna be your soft reset. Your mind will go under hard reset after 66+ days

So 21 days is the time.

You pass this and I guarantee those problems will go.

Ps: I wasn’t a porn addict per se. But i used to use it to fap. But ive seen many people here are addicted to porn as well as fapping. So my suggestion is stop watching porn and your fapping prob will come under control


@madhavbansal i think you are over reacting to your situation. It is one thing to be afraid of bad effects of excessive masturbation and PIED if a person has it. These are real problems. But what you are experiencing is not a problem.

Well obviously it can be pulled!. Its natural anatomy!.

Its just your thinking!. The average size of erect penis is way way less than what you see in porn videos. Those aren’t normal sizes!. And women dont like gigantic penises!. Its the brainwashing the porn has done that is making you insecure!!!.

Well its the normal reaction due to your masturbating by method of rubbing. You penis has adapted to your type of masturbation since AGE 7!. And let me tell you, IF YOU STOP RUBBING YOUR PENIS, THE SENSITIVITY WILL RETURN TO NORMAL. Thats the adaptive and magical healing power of this amazingly designed human body. Even your brain will heal and change due to neuroplasticity.

So, JUST quit PMO and you are GOOD AS NEW!!!

JUST CHILL BRO :grin::wink::+1:

Keep calm and no PMO :fire:


Yes I agree with both. You should complete the Nofap your body should become normal. It should go back to the natural state.

I don’t think you need to go to the doctor.


You can dismantle your bed and sleep in the floor with mat because there won’t be any bed to masturbate. For long time you had habit of humping in bed so your brain must have associated it with pleasure and most probably it will remind you to masturbate when it craves for dopamine, So try dismantling your bed and see how it goes.

I think the foreskin part is nothing serious because lot of guys had circumsession ( removal of foreskin) what I am trying to say is, They don’t even have foreskin and it is normal so obviously yours too normal.

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Ok so the part and parcel is I have to stop PM and I’ll myself back to normal.
My foreskin gets remove to my whole penis i.e it even leaves the upper shaft of penis uncovered. And one thing more , my p… has became curve when it erects.

I know it too but my question is that my penis shrinks too small when it’s not erect. There comes a massive difference between the lengths.

( I really don’t have problem with my penis size but I am afraid that I hadn’t made much problem to myself by doing this wrong thing).

Thank you friends for your genuine and sincere support towards me :pray::pray:


Again, its absolutely normal

its normal for penis to curve slightly right or left. If it makes a U turn then its a problem to be solved surgically. But it is most probably a slight curve, isn’t it?

mine too. And every male’s on this planet Earth too!.

@madhavbansal…Just Relax brother. You are completely normal.

Ok then let it be whatever it is I will focus on my nofap journey only . And will use my this energy in energizing myself ; ok it’s normal everything is normal.
It’s all myths and brain washing done to us. Focus and consistency are important., to achive something. :medal_military:

Thanks everyone for your advices😊


Thanks for question brother @madhavbansal. Being someone who has been sorta experienced in M*, I can assure you that doing it without hands feels more satisfactory ,real and rewarding than doing it with hands, so don’t worry about that. Everything whether size of your member or foreskin getting drawn back completely or over-sensitivity, are all the things that your brain is tricking you into believing. There is nothing like that, you are perfectly fine.
However, on the side note, I’ll advise you to refrain from PMO completely. Ensure that when you get in your bed, then you are really tired. Don’t sleep flat on your abdomen in any case. Keep your digital devices away from your sleeping place. After you wake up, get out of bed asap. Freshen up, drink water, do some physical exercise and then start working like its the last day before apocalypse. Go outside, meet your friends, show love to your girlfriend if you get any chance and stay relaxed. You’ll be fine. Don’t worry and don’t overthink.
Take care.


I’ll focus on this more I won’t take much stress regarding it. I am happy that 3 years back I was to do 3 times a day but now I have made it once a week ; it’s good that I brought so much change in myself. And I further believe that with the help of my good friends here will help me ( they are helping me now as well) to completely get rid of this addiction and make me a normal child of God.:blush::+1:

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I agree with that. Porn gives us false expectations and ideas about sex. I myself have been lately worried about my size, thinking I’m too small or below average, but I’ve taken appropriate measures (no pun intended).

However… Last year, when I was doing some shopping I overheard two cashier girls talking about something, and I think they were discussing one of the girls’ boyfriends because one of them joked and asked the other “What is it, does he have a small one? lol” (I think the other girl answered that that wasn’t the issue, though) It sounded like the girl who asked that question was joking because she seems to have a rather sassy personality, but still… it took me by surprise, even shocked me and made me uncomfortable, so I don’t know, I guess there are girls that judge the size. Of course, there must be, and I guess everyone has the right to have their own preferences… Whatever, this was an isolated incident witnessed by someone easily stimulable. Just thought I’d share it since it’s something that left an impression on me.


Thanks for sharing.

Wow, thats a relief :joy:

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