Isur's Diary. This is my life

First day of my diary.

I have completed 2 days without porn and also without FAP.

Today, it is Sunday, I didn’t wake up very early but I should have. It was a nice day, sunny, and I should have to walk a little bit. I had some urges to see some porn or even FAP but I didn’t. This morning I read some comments from a brother of this community about thinking about the rewards in my life. I will do that.

While I was taking lunch, I saw the show Homeland, it isn’t very interesting this new season, but I don’t have any other thing to see.

This afternoon I will do some sport, meditation, I will try to work a little bit on some of my projects.

This afternoon I also need to prepare the job interview for next Tuesday. This is a job that could help me out of this circle of being home because of the coronavirus. Finally, I hope I can try to study a little bit.

I meditated, I did some sport but I failed to work on some of my projects. I hope tomorrow will be more productive.