Isuckshit's Diary

Well I am about to be something better than Noble soon(day 7 18 hrs).
But I have encountered 2 nightfalls.
One 5 days ago
And one today in the morning.
Wtf should I do ??
12-6 am is the time I am most succecptible to nightfall

Let them happen they are the most normal occurrence a man can have, as you continue on your nofap journey you will have more accept them, nightfall means your body is going to where it always should have been, and that’s the natural way of it been able realese these semen when its due to, they are actually a blessing

If someone never fapped throughout his life than he will repeatedly face nightfall.That’s bad man !!

@nagate how many times you have faced nightfalls in your journey ??
Approximately ?
+10 +20 ???

I have nine nightfalls recorded already plus the ones I did not record soo yeah probably 20 something.

Well bro
I am on 9day +
Feeling awesome
New rank to be unlocked tommorow.
This new rank thing really motivates.
I wish there were more ranks consecutively one after another.

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You damn right they are motivating, they are one of the reason I kept going on my early days on this journey, one question is this your first time reaching day 9?

On this app.
I never vwent past 6

Yeah bitch.
14 days
2 weeks and counting.
2 nightfalls though :frowning:

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Keep going my friend had a wetdreams last night as well. Search on youtube nofap / how to stop dreaming there is a video explaining how to strengthen our lower sex organs to stop wetdreams.

Lot of stress got me from 14days 2weeks
Back to 0
Though I am happy for reaching 6+for 1st time
Nxt goal 3weeeks

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