Isn’t this the end?

People here talk about long term progress.
It’s about that the journey has ups and downs a lot, and sometimes that ups and downs are very unstable. But overall we grow.
I want to see and believe in this. And if possible, make that growing process go faster.
But I disagree with that. Every year I resist urges with lower motivation. And I just noticed that this year I’m not even waiting for the urges. I just pmo, when there’s nothing interesting I know I can do. Is this a growing process or this is the end? I think it’s the second.


This is a constricting process. You’ve stopped fighting therefore you’ve s nofap. You’re so used to getting beat by urges that you relapse even without them. Sorry, but that’s the truth.

Wake up and fight man!


Your are losing motivation becoz you are losing belief in nofap. In management, there is something called vroom’s expectancy theory, which tries to explain motivation in employees.

ACC. to it, Motivation = expectancy * instrumentality * Valence
( It is a Multiplication )

Expectancy - that your efforts will lead to good performance.

Instrumentality - perceived probability that good performance will give you result

Valence - value of results for you

All 3 of them should be high for high motivation. If you lack any one of them, you won’t have motivation to do that activity.

So, you must believe that your efforts are worth it and it will be valuable to do nofap.


Hey @Vardan51878 many of us have been there. I’ve had situations where very “low” urges hit and I relapsed immediately, did not even “fight” or use “willpower” to resist. I felt stuck.

Work on your strategy. Having no motivation often comes from a sense of being stuck or being overwhelmed. Changing your strategy gives you another view on your situation and that often leads to more motivation. Read a book, get an accountability partner, sell devices that you use for relapsing etc. there are so many ways. As for the book, I’d recommend this one:

Take care.


This is very informative for me thank you

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