Is this right ? read on nofap forum.(fear of getting caught & reaching climax quickly do this to our body)

Masturbation/Porn can cause PE especially when you start doing it young. When you’re younger, you want to reach climax/orgasm quickly because of the fear of being caught. So you teach your mind that when you’re hard your job is to cum quickly and not enjoy the sensation. Over the years your mind adapts and teaches itself that the response to an erection is ejaculating quickly. I for one remember when I was younger it took me a while to cum and had to force an orgasm, but now I cum instantly within a few strokes of watching porn, having sex or masturbating.

Same principle applies to porn. When you watch porn you become overstimulated and ejaculation is one stroke away, but you stop when you are about to cum, relax and start all over again. Yes, the session can last for an hour or 2, but realistically, you cannot stroke for 10 minutes straight as you will cum instantly. Unlike porn, when you have sex, you cannot just pause, take time out or relax, as it wouldn’t be fun for the lady. Hence, why you blow within a few strokes or before even entering.

So basically, we have rewire our brains to enjoy the sensation of sex and the erection. So during the reboot, we’ll get hard numerous times and not fap. Our mind will not know what do to and unwire the response to an erection being an automatic ejaculation. This will take a long time, years of abuse will not recover within a mere weeks,

Spoken to numerous older men than me and have asked about how they last long. Many said that they last long naturally and don’t watch porn or masturbate. My cousin who says he lasts 20-30 minutes has said he lasts longer when he doesn’t watch porn or masturbate.


Yes i guess it’s true.
And you mentioned very rightly that… in fear of getting caught, we train our brain and even force it to end quickly. Many people don’t realise this and they take Medicines to last long. God know how many years will it take to get back to normal after absistence.


Loved your statement,btw how long do you think it will take ?



not mine statement
i just shared it .
but i think 2 to 3 years are required for complete reboot.
as gary wilson author of YOUR BRAIN ON PORN
said ,theres a formula to calculate recovery time.

years of addiction × 2 = months
10 × 2 = 20 months


Hey bro
Is this true?


Bro Yes it’s true… … !!


yes its true
90 days reboot is for those who havent watch hardcore or latest tube content.but for others averagely 2 years are required.
and normally rebooting starts after 90 days
before 90 days its just a brain warm up.


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