Is this normal?

I am on day 14, but days ago the urges completely disappeared. I don’t know if it’s normal, I don’t feel like I want to fap since a few days ago

it definitely can happen. i had these days too during my first long attempt.
the only really really really important thing is. you are not healed yet!
from what i heared, many people experienced these days and many (me including) started to feel too safe. thought that it gets only easier from there on.
just push farther like you did so far.

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It’s called flat line


What happen after 14 days?

I’m now on day 104, u might have flat lines every one or two weeks, it’s the time where it is the easiest, but then the hard parts comes back, and u will struggle and so goes the cycle, All the best man!

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I really stopped having urges around the 2nd-3rd week (PM mode) and they haven’t returned up to day 51.

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What do you mean? I don’t understand

It’s called healing brother. Good job you’ve got quite a nice streak going.

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