Is this flatline?

I’ve never been sure what flatline is, but I think this is it. Urges are high. I’ve wanted to relapse. Only let my eyes get a little testy. Day 23. I’m bored. I keep walking around and my body feels strange. Stressed almost Idk. I feel angry. Like sensitive almost. I’m not even interested by music. I’m barely pushing through. Is this flatline? How long does this go on for?

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Reviving this before I go to bed


Yep it’s Flatline… It will come and go for about 120 days. After 120 days, it’s gets easier.

Also, during those 120 days, you will learn to deal with Flatline and it won’t irritate you anymore. It will be normal thing. Only the first 1 or 2 Flatlines are tough… Rest, you gets acustomed to it.


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