Is this also not a good relapse?

If we masturbated while having sexting or while having makeout with girlfriend, or while imagining with girlfriend, and also Sex
Does all these come under relapses?

Personally, I wouldn’t count having real sex as a relapse. In fact, anything sexual with a woman is not a relapse for me as long as it’s in the real world and not through a screen.
However, there are some hardcore semen retention practitioners out there who consider ejaculation by any means as a relapse.


By ‘in the real world’ I mean, in the woman’s presence, with her awareness and willful involvement. Basically it should be a mutual thing enjoyed by both. It could include kissing, handjob, fellatio, intercourse, stripping, lapdance, etc.

Sexting or anything that requires a phone or internet as a medium and is done remotely is a relapse for me.


Everything that involves Internet porn is a relapse, including Sexting. Masturbation without porn is not a relapse. What are You fighting? Porn, right?! So, Masturbation sometimes, but never Porn.


Yeah, but still, masturbation might make it hard for you to let go of porn. You’d still experience the same high, using imagination to give yourself pleasure instead of the real thing. The whole point of this is to abstain from any form of “fantasy sex” so your brain could unwire the bad habits developed for years and rewire it for something good, something that isn’t compulsive. Saying “it’s okay to masturbate without porn” sounds more like you’re making excuses just to masturbate, with or without porn you’re still doing it out of habit to get a quick dopamine boost. Believe me, that’s what my brain has been trying to convince me for hours now. It’s still an urge, it won’t do you good. If you’re still coming up with ways just so you could masturbate, even without porn, then it is an indication that you are addicted. Took me a while to accept that, and it is indeed very very hard to shake off. But we do all that we can if we really want to get out of this mess. If you have a partner, and you have “needs” or “urges”, then maybe spend that time with her instead of something that isn’t real. It’s still up to you, but this is a warning, masturbating even with just your thoughts will eventually end up to you using porn again.


Porn is a relapse
Masterbation is a relapse
Full PMO is a relapse.

Sexying is rarely talked about as most are without a partner. If you ate just typing back and forth, then I would say not a relapse.

But, if you masterbated to it, then it is a relapse. Hope this helps.

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It is not a must to relapse during sex, practice semen retention

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