Is this also a relapse?

I had a dream… i saw my self doing sex with a girl… i dont know her… at that time in my dream i kept saying this is not good coz im in nofap … but i wasnt able to contol myself so i got to sex with that girl until end… (i really dont know is that a relapse or not) but i found my trouser wet in morning.

It is called wetdream, it is involuntary so it is not relapse, you might have some urges now though, be careful.


According to NoFap Guidebook - wet dreams/Nightfalls are not considered Relapse.

You might be wondering that if you had sex in dream, does that count as a relapse? No that doesn’t cuz it is a part of night fall or nocturnal ejaculation.

But real sex, I count that as relapse. Not everyone does.


Wet dreams are caused by subconsciously /consciously thinking about things related to sex.

Try to change your mindset about sex by watching educational videos - like TedEx Why I quit porn etc.

I always manage to wake up before the wet dream somehow.


No brother, it is not a relapse but you gotta be extremely careful for the next 2-3days as urges will be higher. I had a similar dream like you on my 21 day streak and I found myself having sex with a women I didn’t know and woke up at the point of orgasm and I had become wet. Later that day I fell and well till now I couldn’t find myself reach 21 days again. This time is the highest ever since and I am about to reach 15days in an hour or so.

So be careful bro.


Thank you guys… got you all


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