Is there some science or just personal experiences?

Can no fap help making our penis bigger? Becuase we do get a boost of testosterone if we abstainbfrom fapping.

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Nope. .as far as I know there’s no increase in your penis size ,but your penis does smile with full glory and your performance & mind will improve.


If you’ve crossed your teen age… then penis will not elongate more… but it can get thicker because of fat… but nofap has no connection with penis size… it can only cure ED and PE


So no fap during teens can get penis bigger? Or the size is ultimately genetically defined ?

Size is genetically defined but because of porn and fapping our penis is not able to grow upto its full potential… and fapping creates a lot of problems like premature ejaculation and erectile disfunction… n I think you can’t do anything about your size but you can surely improve your performance in bed because of nofap