Is there any hope

i am a skinny guy, addicted to fapping since 2010. an year ago i joined gym and gained 12 kg, and almost quitted the masturbation. i was very elated. but my summer vacations ended and when i joined my college again, i faved problems related to food. so i could not continue my gym as i didn’t get breakfast. my college is in small town so i couldn’t manage my own breakfast. this tension, combined with the class stress, led me to do masturbation once more. i again fell in the trap. it didn’t took me long to figure out that I was fucking myself up, feeling tired all the time, not showing up in classes and accumulating low grades. i tried nofap many times, the longest streak being 20 days. it was going good but once i relapsed, i again fell.

I still remained strong and tried nofap, going a week almost every time. i told myself that in the next vacations i’ll go home and join gym again and then everything will be fine. but…

i couldn’t build myself up this time… i prayed to god but still i failed everytime.

i’ve no hope friends. i feel like killing myself… i don’t know what to do… please help me friends… i wanna live again​:frowning::cry:


My friend you have been through a lot i can see that but joining a gym requires discipline and i can see you have since you first joined it. I encourage you to wake up early pray, have a healthy meal and go for a run, do something productive listen to videos about success, always have cold showers you will feel like a hero, you will become a warrior if u master ur mind so never think of giving up and ending it all, you are a brave warrior. Happy nofap my friend start from day 1 and any erge u get u slap urself or shout “i dont need you” good luck in life.


God is there for you. He cannot force you to not masturbate but he does help. There is hope bro, just keep trying. Give it your all. Tell yourself “no matter the urge, I’m never going to destroy myself and my life like that again.”


You want life… It has a price… its not easy … You have to fight for it…

In the way … giving up cheap pleasure like Porn is the Pass to the Club…
Club of The Champions
As The Proverb goes… Rome was not built in a Day

Making Winning a Habit.


Hi brother, I’ve been there where you are. Many times. I’ve lived in that place for long and I CA honestly tell yes there is hope. Lots.

Brother you must take small steps now and reward yourself when you get them right. Start with simple things like doing a little bit of calisthenics if you can. And slowly build more responsibility and discipline into your life.

You really really can make it. Really. But right now your biggest enemy is the guy inside your mind telling you its over and that you’re worthless and hopeless. You’re gonna be fine.

It took me 3 years to get from masturbating daily to getting to 24 day streaks. Don’t give up. You can win this fight. But it starts with many small battles every day. Don’t give up man. It’s gonna a be ok.


All you are feeling now buddy is an illusion; yeah that’s what it is. I’ve been there too my self but God helped me out (1corinthians10:13)

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“i’ve no hope friends”.

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Don’t say it, do you really believe in that and have you lost all hope?.
Try again and again until you overcome this addiction.
If you will say and believe that “There is no hope anymore”, then this filthy addiction had won over your life.

The first to do is to join your gym again and to be more productive again.
And at the weeks in which you avoid PMO you should work on yourself.
Find some new habits which will keep you away from the screen and your computer/phone:
The gym is one of them, since this place is full with people.
While you alone, try cold showers or other things to keep you away from this addiction.
Try to reach more than 20 days in your journey, use this time to become a better person.