Is there a way to end this addiction or are we doomed?

I want the public in this forum to answer this question.

Is it possible that there is a one size fits all way or do we find our own path alone?

And if it is alone, then maybe thats why we fail?


You must forge your own path, but make no mistake. You are not alone. We will be with you every step of the way to support you :blush:


There is always a light at the end of the tunnel :slight_smile: Point here is that, how you are going to find it or end it. We have started this bad habit by entertaining ourselves. just imagine for a few seconds, how it got started. Now I believe it’s a good idea to take full responsibility to shorted out by yourself. Anyways, We are no longer alone now. You got everybody and everyone around you here. I know I have not answered your question because I am also in the search of light. :slight_smile:


Take an example of a class, a teacher teaches something, best students understand fast, average understand with little effort and below average needs more effort than the 2. So it’s our own pace to understand the things as every journey is different from other. That’s beautiful because not all the same thing will come in everyone’s life. So don’t worry be patient ask forgiveness from Allah and struggle and strive.


Yes you are doomed for good
It all lies in your mind, different people deal with different methods better than others that’s why they have a longer streak than others, with a common primary goal of no fap

The one who learns to control the power semen and uses his sexual energy in right way is a living God with the power to do literally anything and whatever they want in their life

If you don’t belive then do nofap for atleast 1 year and then say how it felt to become a god.when you will be at top with super powers you will realise that thanks god I fapped to porn and now I am here.

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