Is there a top 1000 or something like that

Is there a top 1000 or something where you can see the progress of others and yourself like a competition ?

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There’s this one dude closing on day 900!!!

Yes; it would be nice to see your rank in nofap world.
I request @Taher to add a feature in the app where everyone gets a rank according to his streak.


Yes that’s a good idea.

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Maybe he had some problems with his account or app.

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yaa it’s a good idea… but there would be a problem if the person is inactive for long…


This isn’t possible because streaks can be faked.


That would be excellent

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If you llimit start date to cuŕrent day and set a rule that inactive accounts get removed from top, i think it would be quite accurate. By inactive i mean something like not opening the app for 3 weeks or something.

You could also write a disclaimer that top may not be fully accurate, but i think that overall there wont be too many cheaters

I think this would massively help a lot of people, i know for sure it would help me


Yes give it a chance, let’s see if it works. Thumbs up!

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Guys who are top 10 who are near 1000 days streak please share their sharing code so that i will be inspired by their journey