Is there a substitute for cold showers?

As u know in India winter season is going on, so what u guys are doing cold showers or hot showers ?


Running, or being in a place where people are there instead of alone, or start talking with someone, or close eyes and just do some meditation while focusing on something thats not at all related to P and M. Or remind yourself why you started this and why you don’t want to relapse. Or a little prayer to god to give you strength to resist the urge…

Hot showers definitely :blush:

I always cold showers bro in early morning


I have itching it is continued upto 1 year doctor consulted me to take only hot shower but I am taking cold showers because life>the pain u suffer pain+pain+pain = 3(life)>
I also live in india


Damn seeing u guys I think I should also start taking cold showers.:cold_face: ok from now on I’ll try cold showers in winters


It will be very helpful for you bro

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Deep breathing exercises should help too, they can really calm down the mind you know

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First take hot shower, after that take cold showers. I also do this to reduce heat in my body


Have done them, not really a fan of cold showers and freaky enough they make me horney.

I sometimes took cold showers after a heavy exercise when I am sweaty and hot. Nice way to cool off and save some time as well. And I think if I remember correctly is also prone to stop acid build up and help muscle recovery. That is if I remember correctly. This is one way you could beat it.

Well, the other thing you can do is to do a lukewarm shower or as suggested hot to cold or cold to hot. Depends on what makes it easier for you.

The other thing is get a gas heater or heater set up in the bath room. You can heat the room without worrying to get cold apon getting out.
With the gas heater I ment like one that has like a radiating flame so you can aim it at your door so once you get out to step out into the warmth of the heat from the radiated gas flame.

Or if you don’t wanna do them skip them. It doesn’t make sense why one would torture themselves this way… I don’t subject myself and it is a free world and it isn’t a must do thing.

I don’t do them not that I am chicken I have done them. I felt like they don’t help me and also just make me horney on the side so yeah skip for me.

Anyways good luck stay strong and awesome

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Same bro… I am doing

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Hey brother @Dean_Ambrose, It takes a little will power but trust me cold showers are worth doing, if you are afraid to bath from cold water then first wash your face with water you will get some confidence, then put water on your toes, then legs and then por it at once :sweat_smile:

I try to do it this way, and it feels amazing, you won’t even feel much cold afterwords.

Best tk take cold shower in morning as it makes our body and mind active and bathing from lukewarm water is best at night to prepare for nights sleep, it helps in greatly relaxing your body…

These are from my personal experience though, you can also use cold shower and hot shower alternate days if you want, I don’t know if it has some side effects or not but sometimes I do try that (max for couple of days and then switch back to bathing from cold water)


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