Is sex or mastrubation important in life

Can you live a healthy life without any sexual activity at all and be happy if you have just your basic needs(home ,money ,food,clothes ,…)


Yes and no. 100% you can be happy without giving into your lustful desires. And no.
Before you read any further know that I’m a christian, keep that in mind


No. Not even remotely close. Earth is nothing compared to Heaven, meaning that happiness is difficult to obtain here. There’s a big difference between happiness and joy. Finding joy is something you can find through GOD. Happiness is something temporary like pleasure. You don’t need happiness you need joy. You can never fulfill your happiness ever. Joy is eternal!


There are some people who have done that.
Especially some eccentric scientists who didn’t marry. Too busy with their work that marriage and wife wasn’t the priority at all.
So yes it is entirely possible.

This is my opinion

no matter what you do in life there will always be times when ull be unhappy or sad that how current system of things is made

time and uncertainty of life gets everyone

yes definitely if abstaining from certain things can make you happy you should go ahead and do it what makes you feel good and if it’s not harming anyone else you should do it

I always keep in mind that yes sadness and unhappiness is a part of this life and I do not look for perfect life with no sorrow

instead I choose my struggles and try to solve them cause for me that is the next best thing to do

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Sexual activity is for the continuing of our species on the planet which is given to us by nature. Someone felt horny thats why you and me are here.

We can’t just throw it under the carpet and forget about it. We have to adress it.

Maybe we can reduce it if its causing trouble or it has become addiction. As porn industry is of billions of dollars.

Some person in the field said that 70% content of the internet is pronography.

Also i wanted to share this amazing video i came across. Its very logical and just got my eyes stuck and my mind blown.
This is the video: Is it OK to Masturbate? – Sadhguru Answers - YouTube

Sex ? Yes
Masturbation ? No

Human is different than animal, we should control our urge even if we have primate nature inside us.

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both are supposed to be a big no…
It’s all an illusion…the whole world is an illusion…
God gave us some lust so that our species may continue…but we should know what to do…
This video gives a clearer explanation of what life is exactly…and why semen retention makes you a GOD among men!
DO give it a watch, if you don’t know what to do…

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