Is sex counted as relapse

Hello guys

I just want to know if sex counted as relapse,

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Not at all (at least for me). Sex is a good thing, and when you are with a real woman you are showing your brain how sex should be. Not the PMO disgusting way of viewing sex.


Absolutely sex is natural and must be enjoyed at any cost… what’s disgusting is masturbating and that too watching screen


Sex is natural when you have with your loved one , not with any prostitute to satisfy the lust. It’s a relapse


Bro if you already knew the answer then why would you make a goddamn thread asking the same fucking question???

You just want everyone to know that you had sex… This validation you seek, what do you gain from it??

This line really scares me…





And you’re just gathering attention.


Sex isn’t counted as a relapse.

Yes I will count it as relapse, I won’t do it again

Totally agree, truly said :100:

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If you are in semen retention it’s a relapse but if you are doing only Nofap it’s not a relapse.


Sex should also be done in moderation.
Also do self reflection as to why are you having sex.
Are you initiating sex because you are feeling lot urge which you are not able to controll? Or just doing it coz you fell good? As as a stress relief? Then this needs to be controlled. Do inner-reflection and evaluate your life.


I did it out of sheer lust and nothing else,it has taught how severely affected I have became as a result of chronic masturbation. I developed premature ejaculation :pensive::pensive::sob:

As a Christian stand point sex is 100% fine and there are many verses that say to have plenty of it not just for reproduction but for pleasure as a way to connect/reconnect with your partner. It’s only not fine before marriage. God warns us about the dangers about sex if we don’t use it how God designed. Sex is a powerful force. Normal people think it’s just a physical and lovable act but it’s actually a spiritual one to its core. That’s why sex can literary make or break a relationship.

Anyways l could go on and on but to sum it up.

  • Sex after marriage is the proper way
  • it can be just for pleasure doesn’t have to be just for babies
  • the connection from two bodies to one is not just physical but spiritual which is why if your relationship not stable aka in marriage then there will be consequences

Sorry to draw out the question just a little background.

Sex is never a relapse unless in my opinion

  • before marriage
  • you become an addict towards sex
  • just for your benefit as in being selfish

In my opinion if a man has an urge and wants sex to relieve himself l don’t count that as a relapse. God created urges for people to come together and when married should have as much fun as possible. It’s only a problem if it’s not consent and stuff. Being single and not married is a different story tho

Now in terms of Nofap that depends on you but in terms of PMO it ain’t a relapse because
P = porn and there is no porn in sex.
M = Masturbating and sex does not pleasure oneself
O = Orgasm and sex can result in orgasm but in the sense of nofap it don’t count because sex is natural and is not like you releasing by yourself making it not shameful


@Mitchy has an amazing mindset. I agree with him.

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Awww thank you bro :+1: :+1:

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A few points here. In the traditional sense sex is the marriage a union of man and woman. Don’t lean upon your understandings. Two and feel free to correct me modern marrage is a 3 tier contract between The Government, man and woman. Uncle Sam having controling interest. Don’t believe me look at divorce rate and ask legal council for the marriage license fine print.

I love you but I can’t learn it for you brother

I can take advise and understand people’s point of view but do u really have to say this to me :laughing:

Catch phrase, i like it and used to Snowflakes. I tend shatter some illusions of central. I wonder how much more enlightened kids be if this was taught over sex education?

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Oh ok and sex education if only it was a thing in most countries as a lot of countries don’t have it and those that do its not very informative. If sex ed was taught properly l believe less people would watch porn

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Bro you are nicely and very thoughtfully written down. I appreciate your time and knowledge :relaxed: :+1::+1::ok_hand:

I will read it again and again to get finally soaked in

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