Is Racism related to PMO?

Hey Guys,

Im from Germany and everytime i relapse i start to hate refugees and blacks and everyone. When im on a good streak im a very decenz person.Do you guys have the same issue or am i just a racist?

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No u are not racist but full of lust :joy::joy::joy:

Our human mind is a weak program and our body is also nothing but a complex machine .
When you are Fapping , deep inside you have a regret and guilty feeling .
Firstly , congratulations you understand that Fapping is harming you . You have over fapped experience and you know how it makes you feel tired and cloud your judgement and daily work.
Now , let’s try to explain what happened to you . When you are Fapping without your wish , after Fapping you feel disappointed with yourself . But disappointed is emotions and emotions are energy . Energy needs to convert to let it out . So in your condition it becomes anger . Anger at yourself.
But your unconscious mind won’t let you be anger at yourself cause it will not let you express all the emotions . So your mind will try to find the weakest and easiest thing on those you can leave the energy . In your case maybe it’s the races or things you wrote .
Now why your mind is choosing those topic for anger to release the energy . Because you had some bad experience about these topic . They had hurt you personally . Deep inside they left expression .
Now , you should know that you are a very good person . Because your mind is trying to trick you but you caught it . And also you didn’t judge everyone because some of them hurt you or had bad experience . And after fap your brain is tired it doesn’t want to think so much . In your case you are still thinking. You are really great .
My advice : you are a wonderful person . And remember you are the master of your mind . So don’t let mind trick you .
And also don’t feel so much regret and disappointed after Fapping . It’s very common . Fapping maybe ok but the problem is over Fapping . Take over Fapping as a disease. It’s nothing . You can just control it slowly . Don’t be disappointed you can try again and again .Take our Seven days challenge . It doesn’t matter if you fail . Try again and again .
So lastly, you are not racist . You are a wonderful person . Because you know your mind was leading you to racist thinking . And I believe you will be master of your mind very soon with your amazing willpower .

It appears to me that you harbour racist sentiments. You need that address that issue and overcome it. It is possible that MOO amplifies the issue. However it exists within you. Sort it out. It’s not logical to hate another group just because they differ from you in some way.

Also anyone can become a refugee. Think on that.


Thanks guys i appreciate it. You are right i have these sentiments. But if i understand it right, im the only person who thinks that way. Im always reminded by my grandmother, that germans also fled when the russians came. Thanks guys im always trying to get better. The Emperor protects!

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Maybe I should have just called you racist … That’s more effective for you I see :joy:

Hey no body appreciated that paragraph of yours so iam just gonna say it thank you for giving your time for helping people and explaining the reason behind such thinking

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What is racism? Discrimination on the basis of someone’s race/colour. If you’re are doing this, then and only then consider yourself to be a racist.
If you have concerns about what will happen to the jobs, economic resources and whether crime will increase etc then these are perfectly legitimate concerns. Don’t get bogged down by the liberals labelling you a racist.

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I don’t like black girls/dark skinned girls sexually. Does that make me a racist? The mainstream media will drown you with what they perceive is your ‘white privilege’ if you utter any politically incorrect statement.

Don’t be afraid to a call a spade a spade.


:raised_hands::raised_hands::raised_hands::raised_hands::raised_hands::raised_hands::raised_hands::raised_hands::raised_hands::raised_hands::raised_hands::raised_hands::raised_hands::raised_hands: appreciated mate :pray::pray::pray::pray: