Is P or M the problem?


I’m currently a week in the process. Does anyone have any thoughts on this?
I feel like porn is what truly is the problem, and may have caused ED during my last sexual encounter.
Would it be fine masturbating without porn? Anyone with longer streaks able to say something?


Read about people’s experiences on reddit about:

  1. easy mode- masturbation without porn
  2. normal mode- no pmo
  3. hard mode- no pmo and sex
  4. monk mode- no pmo,sex and internet

Personally I don’t understand why people would do hard mode since most of our goals is to get laid


Hard mode can be useful to combat sex addiction. Both go hand in hand due to how they can negatively affect your life.

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My experience, after 30some years with P and nearly 20 years married says P is the problem, no doubt.
Many books I have read tell also P is the problem.
Filling the brain with sexual images too often makes brain insensitive to normal estimulies.
M without P I think is not so dangerous at all, except if it makes you go to P. In any case I think it is good to reduce M as much as possible, specially if one have sex often with a partner, and have some tendendy toward P addiction.

I am in my day 4, no P, no M, and I didn’t miss any of them for the moment. All I have read about P has made me sure it has been a big mistake in my life. I had a little of ED, and days without P, like these, make ED disapear.

Good luck.


i tried no porn but with masturbation once. did it for one month. i can not recommend it at all. at least for the start.
i ended masturbating every day for hours.
i think if i hadn’t have a girlfriend i would go for 90 days no porn and no masturbation but afterwards i would continue with masturbation and see if i can handle it. (e.g. masturbating once a week for pleasure not because of need)

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For me as i am believe that sex is a sacred thing that have to do after marriage,and i haven’t married yet,lucky me tho hard mode all the way


Thank you man! Appreciate response from experienced people


Subreddits like r/NoFap?


Yes, its got a healthy and helpful community


Wait, monkmode means abstaining from the internet completly?


Both are problems. Biggest problem is ejaculation of sperms. Dont waste the life fluid u will be ruined.


I looked it up again, its isolating yourself from all sexual stimating things from social media, video games and movies. Thats pretty hard to do if you’re on the internet so you might aswell give that up aswell for 90days unless your just checking your bus times lol

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Except of movies I’m abstaining from video games, music and social media.

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Are you counting youtube in this aswell? Some people count it as social media


i personally definitely do. it is also used to hide from your real life


Last year I was able to Achieve 120 days P free streak with M… my highest Streak for PMO is 54 days so can’t extacly compare… if u can achieve PMO free streak it’s good… but for starters leaving P completely might be the best thing to do… I felt lots of benefits of leaving P… as we know watching P expose us to the higher testosterone due to Coolidge effect that evolution has not prepared us for… so it will cure ur ED… but u need to control for M aswell … or it will let u fall back to P as in My case… I Have also done Monk mode… but in my version no PMO n Social media … i.e no fb,insta,snapchat,tv ,you tube… it very helpful u dnt feel any urge to M… I believe if ur in a good Relationship and have Healthy Sex … then it’s natural… I dnt see any harm in that… P on the other hand is not… hope it’s helpful.


YouTube was something I used to watch often. I watched a guy called ElishaLong. He helped me a lot. Now I’ve been abstaining from YouTube for almost three months because I often procrastinated to watch YouTube. I think it depends on who and what you watch on YouTube to consider if it’s either waste of time or not. For me it was just in the beginning a big help to get started in NoFap.


Elisha is the man. He made a new journey with continuation of nofap with the new year. Whats your companion code? Mines 8c4147

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He is indeed. I’m still waiting when he finally writes a new blog article. Here is my code: a46358! I hope we can help each other also in different parts of our lives. Stay strong, bro!

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