Is nightfall counted as relapse?

I had a nightfall today at 5:45 .
And I don’t know if I have to reset the counter of keep it going.
Please tell me fast


It isn’t a relapse unless you didn’t do something shady, i mean you didn’t provide some external stimulus. If it was completely on its own then that wasn’t a relapse. Don’t worry.


Last night I had thought of masturbating but it was around 10 o clock.But didn’t.
And then I played Plague.Inc (a mobile game) till 2 AM .
Later I woke up and nightfall was there.

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It is normal. is not a relapse at all


Then it isn’t a relapse.
It was your body discarding extra or waste semen. Improve upon the following things-

  • Diet
  • Sleeping pattern

Add some kind of physical activity in your day if you dont do it already. Drink lots of water.
One additional thing- try tribulus terrestris (gokshura) for a while. It improves your drive and libido plus its ayurvedic so no side effects.

Even if all this didn’t help you in nightfalls, you will be inculcating at least some good habits… Nothing to lose.


The reason why internet porn is harmful is because we are doing something that the brain wasn’t designed to do, that is release dopamine for hours at a time every day, a few times a day. Dopamine overload. this creating desensitization and other symptoms

A wet dream however is a natural event, lasts a minute or less. your never going to stop your brain having dopamine rushes, you can get a dopamine rush eating a cupcake or doing some exercise.
What the reboot is about is to stop the overload of the stuff, thats what you get when your on the porn. so that eventually a little dopamine is enough to do its job.


no it is natural and beyond our control

i got my first nightfall and its almost waking time i way sleeping upside down and suddenly i got wetdream i was not consious and sleeping and i got nightfall and this is first time and i am on my highest streak of 13 days ever so is it normal and should i reset my counter of relapse and if yes why and if no why?

Hey @yopai

Kindly read this… :point_down:t2:

Translated in easy words:-
If you didn’t act anything stupid (by doing edging, Masturbation intentionally) then it’s not call as Relapse…
You should not reset your counter…!
Because if it happened by its own when you’re unconscious (in dream) then it is natural process…!!

Read this one for more Clearity :point_down:

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