Is nightfall a relapse?

Is nightfall considered a relapse ?

And how to prevent Nightfalls

(I’m on day 13, I had relapse last night.) I want minimize any wastage of semen even through nightfall.

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I’m always curious why everyone thinks nightfall is bad or even a relapse. A relapse is only a relapse if you do as in the action to release your desires. Any involuntary action is not a relapse because if so the majority of man kind would fail. Nightfall is natural and there is no scientific fact on how to control this.
If someone tells you do this and do that and it will reduce it … its all theories.
People say it’s good that you leak semen. It’s a way that your body has a lot and so it gets rid of the excess.

Anyways whatever you going through stay strong.
As long as you fight for

No porn
No masturbation
And no orgasm
And control them fantasies. Dirty thoughts are normal when they appear but you choose to let them die down or grow into more roots.

then you will be alright.

Don’t take my word as Gospel lol l just passed health class when i did school. Either way don’t forget we have Google (which a ton of kids forget they got a whole research database in their fingertips)
so research research research and decide for yourself what’s good and what’s your best cause of action .

All the best and stay AWESOME


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