Is Nightfall a Relapse

Dear All,

I am 26 year old guy involved in masturbation and porn for past 10 years. Result is i am very weak now, can’t focus on things properly, can’t do heavy physical work/sports/running.

I have been trying No Fap since 20 days to recover. I had urges but tried to control by reading posts here.

Yesterday night, i had a nightfall. Does it count as relapse? Also the semen lost due to nightfall is harmful or not? As i think the main goal of NoFap is to retain semen and if it is lost due to nightfall then it is something to worry about.

If nightfall is not harmful, how much nightfalls on average are safe per month?

Any other tips i should follow to recover my health.


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No… nightfall is the body’s way of getting rid of excess sperm. It’s perfectly ok…