Is my method wrong

Hello guys, i want to ask something

I am already 13 days no pmo and still feel like nothing has changed in me from the start

Whats wrong


You will see changes ,if you were watching 13 days porn in your life :grin:…if you are addicted to porn more than five years then how can you imagine magic in this 13 days??


Its different for everyone bro… They will come and that will take time. First you have to get over PMO. I am on day 104.

Besides, you must be happy you quit it, atleast? That’s a change

We are in a road to self improvement bro. Do it to be better version of yourself, not for the changes :blush:

I mentioned how I felt on 99th day in another forum. I am reposting.

  1. Happy with myself as I quit PMO, No more bad habits.
  2. Confident as I let go of something thats super hard.
  3. No guilt as I am not doing it multiple times a day
  4. Lot of free time as I am not wasting that on porn
  5. Lot of energy, as I am not wasting on fapping
  6. No brain fog as my dopamine levels are returning to normal
  7. Can look forward in life finally, instead of being stuck in a loop of P and M.
  8. Less anxiety as the worry of being over P and M is gone…
  9. Plenty of time to focus on the important things, like studies.
  10. Much more stronger desire to workout and get healthy.

Nothing is wrong bro… You are on the right track, keep going :muscle:

Good luck!!


You know today is my 18 th day and i feel normal.
Before that when i fapped i felt low , didn’t like to talk to anyone, didn’t liked socialising, and can’t talk to anyone eye to eye. And now i feel like the life i have been living since 5 yrs is slowly coming back to tracks. Before that i just felt the need to quit this additiction and nothing else, but now iam trying to develop new habits , trying to socialize , trying to read and hear something about self development. In fact whenever i feel like iam not getting taste anywhere, and i should just look at a seductive picture, j just listen or start to read about self development and things like this but nothing related to porn , not even a thing which contains the word porn. And now iam feeling better, more confident, not like super confident but like i feel in a subtle way, yes something right is happening. And i can make eye contact with people. Iam actually trying this . There is a book 90 tricks How to talk to anyone. Iam reading that so i would recommend that too.
Iam sorry for writing this long but i hope you will be able to make the point i was trying to say.
Grow better Stronger everyday :muscle: