Is masturbation really the problem or just a symptom of an underlying problem...?

I know what you guys might be thinking, “what the hell is this one talking bout”, so yeah I know. The main problem isn’t PMO but it’s the urge to be satisfied with yourself thats killing you. Let me tell you how…
Satisfaction in general is really pleasant and rewarding, I mean we plan our whole life to achieve just that and comfort, which is more or less of the same essence. So how is it exactly killing us?
See, satisfaction or comfort isn’t bad in itself but just like most of the things, when taken in excess it ends up killing you. Our brain can’t differentiate between the sources and that’s the UNDERLYING PROBLEM. For all we’ve experienced it’s the satisfaction jerking off gives us (I know it’s dopamine alse we can’t control it,but when we realise it’s just urge for satisfaction…well the balls’in our court then) or smoking or drugs or porn…but also painting and playing music and solving puzzles. You see? Same outcome but different sources and we choose the former ones coz they’re well EASY. In the latter options you have to do something, something productive, requiring some input more than just lubing your palm and pulling down your pants.
So yeah, don’t blame masturbation for your laziness…but there’s a thing, masturbation keeps you in this loop continuously, forever and that’s why it’s one of the most common SYMPTOM. So guys let’s just show a big “fuck you” to continuous urges for satisfaction. Have a habit of putting yourself in discomfort (in a productive manner, obviously).
That’s it for now. If someone wants to give more input to this thought then please go ahead.

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I get exactly what you are saying. Jerking off isn’t really my problem, it does ultimately end in relapse, lying and ruining my life. As someone has tried more drugs than I car to admit, lived to excess, parties everyday for years on end. The results, the expectation, the push behind it all is the end result feeling.

This was especially apparent to me this weekend. I’ve been working on the house a lot to pass the time and try to get some time with my wife who wants nothing to do with me right now. I love working. Whether it’s my job, on my car or on the house. Building, fixing is my thing. She kept saying sorry I am having you do this… But I loved it. The satisfaction of when it is done. Plus, talking and hanging out with her was icing on the cake.

Thank you for your post, kind of gave me a realization I didn’t have before. I agree that masturbating isn’t the big issue. For me it’s the lying and hiding.