Is masturbation bad

I’m wondering if masturbation is bad

Like I understand if you do it excessively and have no control

But if you do it every once in awhile and you don’t watch ■■■■ how is it bad for you

If you have any answers please reply and include the source

Ps. This is not a hit at people who choose not to masturbate and I respect your choice.

I’m m just asking for knowledge purposes


I must say it is bad for your health if done in excess or even moderate. It is more addictive than alcohol or cocaine. Why ? Because we can easily do it. It will show effects in bone marrow and blood in future. No western science will tell you about this.

According to Ayurveda ;
Semen is the last essence of the body created out of nutrition. It is wasted through masturbation or sex. If it were conserved, it must have nourished brain and body. No where in ayurveda it is written that it is wrong , only they have warned us not to do it. Because we have the right to decide whether something is wrong or right.

For me it is wrong.

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Masturbation is bad because, with the semen, you throw out your essence (Jing in the Chinese Medicine). This essence is the root of your body. It determines how long you will live. It is the divine substance, that creates a new life. The essence is related to the will power, the intellectual work. This is why every religion / spiritual doctrine condemn masturbation.


Thanks brother

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