Is it wrong if i read

Is it wrong if i read or write sex stories, fetish stories but without fapping? I mean i like the Feel of being horny.

Feeling horny is part if the healthy relationship between men and women. But it can be a trigger. Depends on how well you can control it. If its all under your control I’ll say go for it. Keep in mind that in order to flirt with girls you should be able to feel it when you’re around girls as well and be able to express it. Hope it helps you some. :wink:

I prefer not even given that a go, because what if it triggers you to a point of no returm … Then that’s days down the drain

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I say if you accidentally come across it while reading then no it is not a relapse. However writing that down to have and look at is not a good idea. To be honest porn is “any explicit forms of media that causes sexual arousal” so if you’re writing it to arouse yourself, you’re going to want to stop.