Is it weird? Give me your honest opinions

@JonSnow001 it’s ok , I know that many here are man … and the girls here not so active …
I hope that you will quit this higher than you can imagine.

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@NhTbH, After I saw your post, I was a bit concerned. I dont know much about this, so I asked others if the way you self talk is okay… I am sure you are doing your best in everything. We are all here to support you :blush:. I can assure you that we are definitely not judging you, to be honest we are not perfect in our lives too, so definitely not. Just trying to help.

Good luck on your journey.


Thank you, I hope you do too. :v:

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I hope to all to catch this peace always to our life and not waiting anything come from the sky …
I hope peace and joining this journey as you are , accept yourslef and be close to God for recharging your power and not forget why you being this …
Thx for your sharing this post from the beging my expressing make my day peace and I appreciated that .

Million thanks :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes::clap:
@Damane @raushan @GOVIND-19 @PrDr @NeverGiveup420 @NOFAPER_11 @Ash_Matt
I’m sorry for those who I can’t mention it , I don’t know why it doesn’t understand me :joy::sweat_smile:



I might have misunderstood your post. There is no judgment from my side. If something you do is working for you then you should definitely keep doing it. You said correctly we don’t know you properly.



If I understood you correctly, you are talking to yourself and it effect you in negatie way, either is is sadness, anxieaty, depression, bad feeling, comparing with others etc. And you want to stop doing this as you wat feel good (which thinking is not doing it). If I am wrong then I am sorry, it was a bit difficult for me to understand your writing style :innocent:

I know how you feel as I had/have same problem. For now I am able to cope with it, but it took time and effort. Not effort in “I must not think about that” way, but effort of stick with it and trying to stop these thoughts.

For me was helpful few things:

  1. trying to spend time in present - this needs practice and I am NOT a good at it yet. This video was helpfull for me in this case - How To Be Present - 6 Ways To Be Present Instantly - YouTube

  2. meditation - you dont need to be regular, but I advice you you should if thoughts are what affect you. I started for 5 mins every morning and before bed, now I am at 10 - 15 mins on average. I am doing it for month and half and it is great. No worries if your mind sometimes wonder away, but you need to return back. I am still working on that. If you are not that deep into meditation, just sitting quietly is very helpfull and you can think, but not fantasize or selftalk. Think about what you will have for lunch, or what are things thyt you need to do next day etc.

  3. journaling - I changed styla of journaling 3 times for past 3 months as I am experimenting with it a bit, but it is really good practice

  4. have hobby, do anything you like to do and try spend less time on pc/mobile could be good too

  5. and last think (I took it from book 4 agreements) - Always Do Your Best. or as one guy said are you in or are you out. So basically, if you do something (not selftalk obviously) do it with 100% commitment and do it with full focus. This will help you to practice concentration and not be dicouraged if you will prokrastinate on wonders away. If you catch yourself not doing 100%, return to do what you did. You are larning this thing, noone bacame master in one day.

Also I highly reccomending to read “4 agreements” book as it is very helpfully in this situation. It helped me and also my friend in past (way behore it helped be). He was actually one of few who reccomended it to me.

I know it is hard, but you are aware of that and you want to do something about is, which is great way to start.

Regarding judging you I dont khint anyone here judged you. Me and also other users here (guys or gals) can just show you doors, but you need to walk through them (yes I am quoting Morpheus :smiley: ). Everyone understand same thing differently as it is subjective so everyone will have sightly different oppinion on same thing and different understading.

You are the one who need to experience things and meanings and find them helpful yor you or not. Whoever is up there know that I tried things and some were just not suitd for me at all :smiley:

And again, if I misunderstood your problem, I appologise :blush:

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Hahahahaha … ok ok , it’s ok :joy::raised_hand: @koaxicek

I still "no problem " to share anything and to write a lot of misunderstanding here :sweat_smile::joy::raised_hand:#

Thank you for the simplicity and to organize the speech, and handling the topic clearly to me …

about what happen :point_down::point_down:

Times when I’m alone fantasies start and I’m talking to no one
Actually no one ( I know) , but as for me, I am alone, laugh or cry according to my feelings …
We are all trying to be better, at least because what we did by ourselves to destroy our nerves and feelings, I fear a wrong and bad axis of dealing

where I am now :point_down::point_down:

That’s it high effort , look I am now knowing what is my ennemi (afraid to be alone ) because of this I talk to myself ( manage something or missing or because I like to be with people but till this period of my life not too much and I’m also afraid… What ever !? )

lot of trying

I tried to stop :stop_sign:
Enough …

But # it’s to much hard for me to not joining people …

I tried to say no for me to do this but
Nothing change because this can kill me really …
My brain accept to quit masturbation but can’t do this with my imagination or what happen 5o me

specially if no real and honest people comes to my life ( I really need this only in this life ) and to understand me like me not like they want to :confounded::cold_sweat::roll_eyes:


About your advices

Thanks for your advice, and if something new with me I will share with you what has happened .

#No stop
#No fap
Only warriors and champions here :sweat_smile::raised_hand:


I have this kind of episode too for about 6 months or even more. I was afraid to stay alone or with roommate in appartment, I was eager to be outside with someone and just talk, be busy, just dont be alone with my thoughts, There is nothing wrong about that.

But it is good that you know what you need and what is helping you right now. So do that, but educate yourself, so you can be prepared when change in your mindset come and you will know what is the next move or if not, you just not will be completelly lost :slight_smile:

I wish you nothing but progress.

Cheers :slight_smile: