Is it weird? Give me your honest opinions

I talk to myself a lot lately, is that weird? Or wrong? Well no girls in my life for now, its just my choice. Not many friends coz, most of mine are addicts, its better to be away than with them. Parents, study, workout and nothing else. So I go on to the terrace, imagine my future wife or something, and I try to find the right ways to have a conversation or what to ask, or think about what kind of person do I need? Who’s right or who’s wrong for me, how to approach the whole thing etc. So is that weird? Its like a personal time for me, or I think about jobs or interviews, potentially how they might go, or what kind of questions they might ask and I try to work on my approach. Or I kind of self talk why I broke up with my ex and why it’s a good thing. If in future, she messages me, I come up with right words to make sure she stays away. Also it feels like a way to find myself, find the way i used to think before all the shit storm. Or even, just imagine my life, how far I came, the right things I did so far, and how would it be few years down the line… Or sometimes, I think about different girls and their attitudes, I think about the words or conversations we might have and how I should sort out the right person to be with… . Or if something is bothering me, Or have a negative emotion, I try to ask my head, I call it buddy lol. Hey buddy whats wrong? You are a bit anxious. Chill out, its just a negative emotion, its not you, in a more loving way. Its all like a day dream but if I am doing it in my head, its hard to focus. So I talk out loud. Its kind of soothing too, like I am my own friend. So tell me guys, is it wrong? If so, I am pretty sure I can stop it.

This self talk includes appreciating myself sometimes, remembering how good I used to be, things I lost in my life at present and trying to bring back my best self whilst keeping the good that came with experience about life in general, thinking about the positives about what could be in future regarding all stuff, people or partner or kids, and how to manage them, how I should be happy while keeping them happy, how to set boundaries, so I imagine scenarios of conversations and I correct myself, also about the flaws of me that I wont let go, those which makes me, me. How to be open about them with my partner, what reactions I might expect, and how can I respond in a good way. Everything I said, its all like a conversation. Or it also feels like finding myself in someway. If its me, I am talking with myself. Like two people in the mirror. If its a partner, I Imagine someone sitting across me like in a date, then I start to do conversation. I repeat those scenarios frequently sometimes to find the right approach. Also I am happy in those, because I am imagining a happier future. Not that I am unhappy now, I am happy, but I am a work in progress at present, I know I am going to be even more happier in the days to come. If not, I am still gonna hope for even better tomorrow at that time, I am an optimist.

So anyway? Am I crazy? Before, I used to imagine sometimes but rarely, generally before sleep. But lately, As I dont have many people around, I am doing it often, whenever I am by myself, having nothing to do. I find this soothing. Weirdly, it also feels exciting because there are so many topics to think about. Tell me your honest opinion guys.


Nah man, it’s called soliloquy and it’s really healthy. I also do it (even though there are times when I feel like I’m crazy or something too :laughing:) so no worries man. Everytime my family is out I do it, quite de-stressing I gotta say.


Some people do it in the form of journaling. You do it as self-talk. It’s good to do it. It clears our thoughts.


I talk to to myself all the time because I need expert advice before I do anything :joy:


The state that you are in right now, has been my state for the majority of my life (except for differences in thoughts) , and tbh its probably the only thing that keeps me going constantly despite all the adversities. So, don’t worry, everything is fine. People may assume you to be weird or crazy, but you must know that you aren’t any of that. I hope it helps.
Take care.


Whenever I need help for a problem or need advice, I pray for God’s help then talk to myself like I have the wisest man in my head who knows all the answers.
I start like this:
’Hey GREAT SAGE, how are you?’… the great sage replies ‘I AM TOTALLY AWESOME AND UNSTOPPABLE!!!’… then I ask him any question and amazingly the answers are always right and 100% effective… I get answers and solutions that are totally new!!!.

So it’s totally normal.
Infact the greatest of successful people in this world have the most positive self talk.


I don’t think this is weird bro and if this is weird then WE BOTH ARE WEIRD COZ WE ARE THE SAME IN THIS REGARD.

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@JonSnow001 welcome to the talk-to-yourself club, as you can see, I have been a member for quite a while here.
It’s also true that only smart people talk to themselves, according to science

I think you are a Christian, so if you have quiet time there, don’t forget to talk to God. I only started conversing with Him maybe from last year, you will have to be quiet, but eventually you will start hearing him- He won’t shout and force you to hear, you have to listen for Him. It will take some time, but it gets easier.

But like @GOVIND-19 said, we also like to talk to ourselves for expert advise :smirk:


@Damane @raushan @GOVIND-19 @PrDr @NeverGiveup420 @NOFAPER_11 @Ash_Matt

Thank you guys for letting me understand its totally normal. Although I am surprised that so many of you talk with yourselves :wink:.

Another thing is, I am shocked to find out how many strategies, reasons, answers my head provides for simple things. How deep it thinks when there are no distractions. This is why, or Probably that, but no that too, definitely that, no doubt this too, oh that cant be taken out, okay, all of those… Now what should I consider, what is the biggest one, easy, that one… So, did I do right? Ofcourse, u want to know why? Due to this, that, also that, dont forget this is happening too, oh yeah of course that too. See? Its good… Okay fine, its good. So what now? Well, how about u start doing that, or this or that, how about combination of all,… This keeps going guys… :joy:


I think its pretty normal. I do it too.

The only thing is that you have to be self-aware that you’re talking to yourself, and not attribute your thoughts to someone else. This might sound offensive, but those who are known to act on their thoughts and claiming that they come from a god or another person inside their heads are where the limits of being normal are crossed.


Understood bro, Ofcourse I know that they are coming from me. Its just like a day dream except I talk out loud. It’s Just thinking things through coz I got nothing better to do. I also noticed that it helps me rebuild myself better. Leave out the negative ones, tell myself why they are not me, take the positive ones and apply it in my daily life. Also, its totally positive talk.


I recommend meditation (not pushing anything religious, I am a secular atheist). Certains forms of meditation, when done correctly, help cultivate mindfulness over our own thoughts. I recommend the app/book Waking Up by Sam Harris.

Lol half the time I talk to myself I’m just in a roast battle with myself to see whether myself or I can flame myself more :fire: :joy: it’s how I practice so that I can flame others xD and now idk what I’m even typing

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Lol :+1::+1:… Well, we all do stuff differently. As I am 28 now, its like a beginning of a new phase where a lot of responsibility will come my way very very soon… So I guess, this self talk is helping me bring back some of my fundamental beliefs/behaviors, which I practiced so long ago. Also full credit to nofap, Because before, I used to have brain fog, so I cant even think or focus or figure out anything. After nofap, that went away, so slowly finding myself :blush::blush:

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I am 18 years old . I am on day 1 .


Congratulations bro… I wish you the best… Keep going :muscle::muscle:

Pls keep me some tips for NOFAP.

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Definitely bro… Find the motivation, reiterate daily on why you want to keep going. There must be a reason why you started this journey, never forget that. Read my posts if you can, also of @Ash_Matt. I shared a lot of things I have been through previously. Click on my profile and I think you can see all my posts? Everyone in the community will be there to help you, whenever you need. But what matters is that, you keep going :muscle:


Okk bro. Definitely i will .



Perfectly described thinking line IMHO :smiley:

But back to the topic. I think it is totally normal until as it was mentioned here, you are aware that these are your thoughts and also that you do not overthink too much or at all if possible. Overthinking is key to depression and anxiety so if you are able to keep it between lines, than everything is more than normal. If it is bothering yu you could write some things down and this will be even more beneficial for you.

I personally think that way of disassembling problem into pieces and figuring out dependencies and outcomes in almost every problem which occure to me. If it is in job (software engineer) or in my hobby (carpentry) I do this all the time.

Unfotunatelly I dont think much about myself or mine past or future (which I think I should do but IDK how to start). I mean I do that but ocasionaly as if I tend to overthink stuff (coz I like to lay a plan into detail, which you cant here) and that makes me anxious. If you have some tip for me I will be very glad :slight_smile:

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