Is it safe? Plz it's urgent.🥺 Plz help me!

I am neither fapping nor watching porn but sometimes for the urge I only watch some images for 5 seconds. Am I breaking NoFap??


Consider it a slip , now if you stay with slip all day purposely , so this is a Fall and you have to restart , becarefull! Avoid the triggers , ignore them , guarda your eyes , be occupied , be free!


@StealthChopperinbond No bro you are not breaking the Nofap streak. But you are indeed breaking the rule of “Guard you eyes”. This rule has to do exactly with the fact that you need to avoid any kind of exposure to sexually tempting images, women, porn, social media accounts of models, etc. If you expose yourself to such images then there is a high possibility that your brain detox will not be accomplished and sooner or later you might Relapse. Exposure to such images will only weaken your will to maintain nofap as your mind tends to remind you of those images. Also there is a high possibility of Nightfall.

So please stop watching any explicit pics or videos.
Good luck!:+1:


Don’t dare to water this seed. Prevention is always better than cure.


Watching porn or even softcore images is considered as relapse. So avoid it.


This is called PMO substitute.
Would not recommend it if you want to rewire your brain.

Like @EduardoIsraeli said, it’s a slip. And if you keep slipping you will fall down the slope.

I have faced the same problem. So I created a thread which you can check. Many experienced noFappers have given great advice there.

PSubs= PMO substitutes


Bro, avoid anything that triggers you. If you rewind and remind which things got you to break your nofap in the past, you’ll see that even the minor things tend to trigger you to relapse.

So, be strong and don’t even think “it’s just 5 seconds”. Most of the time it takes less than that to relapse.

Best of luck.


Thx to all of you for the suggestion. Streak is now of 5 days​:heart::heart:

Ok guys I wish you a good luck for the further journey of your life​:heart::pray: