Is it really worth it?

Thanks and Good luck

Well for how many years you were indulge in PMO?

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By avoiding this girl / woman you will get weaker. Can you not talk to her without thinking dirty? Is she an object to you?

Tame the beast within you that just wants to jump on her. If you put it into to a cave for one year and then let it out, it will only do the same again. Maybe even more aggressively.

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Read this book “Your brain on porn” by Gary Wilson. I used ro think the exact same way you do. It’s not about getting “superpowers”. You won’t turn your life around from just quitting. You won’t get the ability to see through walls or teleport or shoot laser from your eyes. It’s about staying away from the negatives of fucking porn, and trying to hit your true potential. Man, PMO really FUCKS up your brain. Really, it goddamn FUCKS it up. I want to quit porn for life. Whatever the fuck you see as benefits aren’t really there. It’s not real. It’s like the fucking Matrix(no kidding). Porn isn’t real. Please don’t give up on yourself. It is really worth it. Educate yourself. Porn is worse than drugs. If you’re addicted to drugs, would you have the same ideas? My man, you won’t have ANY ideas, because by that time, your brain is a fucking puddle.

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No judgement brother. It’s become part of him. He has trouble letting go.

From last 5-6 years.

:joy::joy::joy: i already asked her that we wont talk because of my studies. Dont you get shivers when your girl hugs you? I feel like 440 volt current is flowing inside me. Even i get turned on when she holds my hand. Thats not a beast and i know that. But i had a precum (hope you know) when i am with her. And talking with her sometimes go the other way. Like things that can force me to relapse. Its nothing like i see her as a object :joy:.
I am really commited to her and love her. Its not like i always want to have sex. But if i will talk regularly i am sure i cant make a good streak. And after some time i will get to know the way. She is OK with that.

I cant be ever aggresive to her. :joy::joy: her smile can reduce my highest anger. And when we talk i forget about the time. We talk for whole night and thats not good i guess. So after 1 year things will be more sorted. I will be more matured and a independent guy. Hope you got that. I am really amazed about that object remark​:joy::joy: i wont get married and will be in a relationship with her for lifetime. :joy:


Hmmmmmm may I apologize. I thought you are sacrificing her in an egoistic way. Kind of using real life blocker.

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No need to apologize. I cant sacrifice her. She is one of the reasons i am still alive. Whatever i am doing is beneficial for both. Its better to be parted for a year than for life. And the most important thing is she is OK with that. I just want her to be happy. Thats it.

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Sometimes one has to be “judged” with chaos, to develop order.

Peace and love brother.
Stay sharp.

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How long was it before you guys felt better? The urges are just insane for me right now.

Dude ! Listen. First of all delete this fucking question. I do not really care if you are new to NoFap or have tried it before. I can still excuse you if you are new to NoFap. You are too innocent and ignorant. If you have tried it before and ask is it worth it, get lost. Yes, I will be rude. You are disrespecting every single member here. Everyone here hates PMO to the core. And aspires to be great. To be free from this bullshit habit. If you asked me, is sex worth it, I would still listen to you because you are in the real world. This question comes from a fantasy world. No I won’t read your description or any comments. Just the question hurts me. And I need to address it here !!
PORN IS NOT PLEASURE. MASTURBATION IS NOT PLEASURE. Read it 10 times in your fucked up head. No it is not. It is just an ILLUSION. It gives you an illusion of pleasure and makes you WEAAAAAAK !!! A WEAK MAN ! Your seed is your life force. Learn to respect it. Learn to seek pleasure of higher forms whether they come from a sense of contribution, or a sense of personal progress or spiritual awareness. These are the only true pleasures. Because they last. Unlike these quick dopamine fixes that make you addicted.

I dont blame you for asking this question. You have not suffered enough yet because of this habit.
The answer to your question is :
No. Its not worth it.

You still here ? Do not show me your face. Get lost.
Other fellow nofappers,yes I am rude and have to be. I want greatness seekers in this group. No weakass pussies allowed here.
I am THENOBULLSHITGUY and this is TheFinalFrontier !!!


Let me tell you a little about me, maybe it helps you. I’m 20 years old. I’m wasting my semen to my bed since they had been started to be generated. I was about 13 years old. I don’t know much about the brain mechanism. But I see so much problems after the addiction started. My brain seeks for a lot of dopamine release. And my organism produces semen rapidly. And every time hormones are produced to make sure I’ll do that next time. It takes a huge amount of energy. And I’m lacking energy for other aspects of life. Imagine a very powerful personal computer without power supply unit. Is it a computer or just an accumulation of wire and metal? You can’t run it if it doesn’t have energy. So I’m 20 now. 7 years I’m like computer that’s in power off mode. I don’t live. I don’t know if I can repair this addiction. If any component of your pc is completely crashed, you can replace it. But if you try to replace your brain you’ll die. In my addiction I don’t care if I die tomorrow or not. I don’t care about my future. I don’t care about having a girlfriend, a good car, a house, children… I don’t even care if I’ll eat anything or die of hunger. I’m living, just because my parents buy food. If they don’t, one day I’ll die after masturbating the last time, when I won’t have extra money and even energy and will to ask strangers for food. I can’t talk to people. I was thrown out of university because I didn’t care. I myself left free programming courses 3 times (missed good opportunities)… I don’t believe in kindness of universe and god. I’m leaving because it’s the will of my parents. They made me, they grow me up for 20 years, and now I don’t feel like I want to let them down and go to nowhere. Tell me, do you want to feel like this?
Is pmo good? Yeah it’s good during the time hormones control your body and tell it to feel good until the hormone priority changes and you stop feeling anything. Then you feel bad because otherwise you won’t enjoy the next time your hormones say to feel good. It’s like eating a soup with salt but separately. First you eat soup with no salt, then you eat salt separately. Then you’ll want to eat soup again, because salt was way too salty itself. But soup is not tasty again without salt. What to do? Put a little salt in the soup! And it’s gonna be tasty. It’s called balance. Dopamine is the salt and your brain is the soup and the way life tastes, isn’t it? Pmo is huge amount of salt. It not tasty in one bowl of soup.


Can you paste book link? I cannot find it on amazon or goodreads.

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I relapsed today at day 6. I couldn’t stop the urges. But I’m not giving up anymore.

People can stop responding to my original post now, I have already decided to give it a shot up till 90 days to see whether it’s worth it myself, rather and hearing these crazy anecdotes.

@edistoretto @TheFinalFrontier
You are right, I am a weak man. I am not denying it. But your comments did not help me. It was the supportive comments in this thread that made me give this a shot, maybe it’s different for you but calling me weak does nothing for me. I hope I made you feel “strong” by proving you right :wink:

@neetwarrior, thank you for the suggestion, I am reading something else on PMO right now, but I will pick up that afterwards.

@Levonad I’m sorry that you feel suicidal man, life will have it’s ups and downs. I hope you will look at the positives in life more, and give happiness a chance in your life. Life should be more than living for others, you should live for yourself. People are going to berate me on this but I don’t think you should blame PMO for all your problems. It sounds like you have a lot of stuff going on in your life, and I hope you figure it out brother. Stay strong.


  1. Analyse the relapse and remember it.
  2. Form your “why”. When the urges hit, and they will… you need to have an answer to your mind to why is this so important to you. Form your “why”
  3. Decide. No meditation, no exercise, no other external activities are going to help you if you don’t decide internally. Deeply inside. And then build on that
  4. Get up, dust off and get into battle with fists clenched.

I believe in you. Glad you stood up even though you relapsed. I respect that you choose this Path.

Stay sharp.


Man listen whether you believe you are a weak man or a strong man, either case you are right. Choose what you BELIEVE wisely.

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Just try a single week or a few days - check your physical and emotional condition, your relationship status and social skills before and after - and you know the answer.

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Bro @Levonad, I don’t know much about you but I’ve seen you putting many posts talking about suicide and saying you are weak.
This is not the right way to live or think bro. Are you giving your best to strive forward??
You were addicted to porn from age 13. That normally makes you weak. It fucks up your brain as you said. All of us were addicted to it from a very young age too. But we are working hard now to go forward. Have faith bro that is first step.
Think about this, since that your parents are providing food for you is the reason why you are sitting in your room all day and fapping and feeling like shit regularly.
If they weren’t there to help you, take care of you or do anything for you still you will survive, won’t you?
You’ll get out and will work your asses off. You’ll go to the forest maybe and hunt the wild animals to eat. You’ll maybe even kill someone to survive. That is how cannibalism came into this world.

Humans survive somehow.

You are not giving your best. You are dependenting on your parents and whining about your past mistake. Stop that! Let me tell you something nobody really cares, except your parents or closest ones. We’ll hear you and can even provide you help.

But its you who have to take actions. Its you who have to work, think, analyse and rise from the misery.

If you are suffering from depression or something like that please seek help. Please tell your parents about this and go consult a counselor and open up about what you feel.

Take action. Walk the talk. There is no use whining. Do what is required.


@Mahesh27_03 I totally support your decision man. If you really commit for 1 year you’ll change your life entirely and will grow a lot.

Great information. That is the reason why people in India marry after 25-30 years of age. If we really commit ourselves and work hard in this time we’ll have everything in balance in our life. We can become genius in anything that we pursue. Ancient yogis used to practice celibacy and abstinence from earthly happiness or over indulgence in sensual pleasures. That is how they gave us such a large amount of knowledge including: Yoga, upanishads, puranas, Vedas etc.


No bro, I’m not doing my best.