Is it really worth it?

  • How long have you been trying nofap?
    A couple years on and off

  • Did something change during this time, which is relevant for your current problem?
    Not really

  • What is the problem you need help with?

True off my chest

Is it really worth it? You’re giving up a lifetime of ecstacy and pleasure for “superpowers”. This thought keeps running over and over in my head. There is so much pain and suffering in not trying to relapse, so do the costs really outweigh the benefits?

A large part of this is I have no strong motivation to try seriously. I’ve read all the benefits of confidence and mental clarity, and while that may be true, I don’t feel like I’m particularly lacking in those areas. The other thing is I am growing up in a hindu culture which means I will not have a girlfriend/wife until much later on in life.
I’ve just never read a benefits list and reacted like: hell yeah I want that! It’s always more like: I guess that’d be nice.

I also just tried being busy and that got me up to 10 days, but that just makes me stressed and I pmo anyways (only takes a few minutes in a day on your phone, so there’s always time for it)

I just have given up and it’s much better accepting and enjoying it than feeling sorry for myself.


" you will never know what’s there, untill you reach there" that’s the truth my friend.


But if you give in now, you’ll still be addicted to PMO then. Don’t say you’ll stop then. That’s a lie, if you can’t stop now it will be impossible to stop then.
You will not enjoy your married life. You will constantly have guilt when you talk to women. You will lose your manliness as you m* it out. You will feel disconnected from God. You will not be able to speak honestly to your children. You will be unable to find joy. Only pleasure.
I’m not trying to scare you. Just please think logically. Weigh the scales. Again. But precisely.
There has got to be a reason why so many are continuing in this struggle.
Believe me, it PMO actually had benefits, can you tell me if any sane individual would not do it?
Can you tell me why Nikola Tesla abstained from s*x? What about Mike Tyson? And the numerous other great men and women throughout history?
Can you tell me why you joined this app? Why Taher made this app?
Think about it- your conscience will be clean and you will live your best life. You may be feeling down right now. Wait. It is a feeling. It will pass. We all have your back.
In your own words: TAI. Please do.
You can do it bro. I believe you can. Unlock that beast in you. No one else has the key to the cage
Only you.


Really bhai? I am a sanatani. I am 19 and i am in a relationship from last 1.5 years. Had swami vivekananda not been a Hindu? NoFap is a kid in front of Brahmacharya. I am following brahmacharya. I feel much stronger now. Much younger face with a new glow. It reduced my fear and anxiety completely. You should believe lord krishna words if you are a hindu. He also told to practice brahmacharya to every individual. You can remain a brahmacharya while being married.

No pain No gain. Its east to sit on a sofa and watch TV all day. Its hard to do intense workout for even 30 minutes.

I rest my case. Your life your choice. Just think again!


Summary : the story of a weak man enjoying instant gratification


If your anything like me the horrible feeling after masturbating is enough reason to quit. When I think about its so sad, I sat down, looked a pixels and jerked my dick like a little degenerate to the thought of having sex. It’s disgusting. This is what inspired me to quit. Today’s day 2, I’m never masturbating again. Wish me luck.


The TAI is what lead me here, I couldn’t honestly tell myself I don’t do it, because of this thought. Thank you for helping me correct my path.

I’m gonna give it a real shot. :slight_smile:


you will never know what’s there, untill you reach there
That’s a good fucking point!

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How about you commit to doing this experiment and see what you feel like after 90 days?

I recommend reading The Supreme Man. It explains that the world and your future wife will keep testing you to remain full. Even in sex. If she can empty you, she will lose trust unconsciously.


Hey thanks for the recommendation!

No matter any religious faith you come from human are biologically similar and the effects of behavior or substances are similar

Listen to this podcast


A lot of excuses are coming to my mind but I don’t want to say anything. I gave up on myself. I behaved like an animal or a filthy peace of shit yesterday. I saw an erotic video and said to myself just 2-3 minutes won’t do any harm. Then I went to those filthy websites and destroyed my soul. Yes, I literally destroyed it. It was like watching porn for the first time. My heart beat was beating so fast and loud that I thought I would get a heart attack. For 20 minutes my blood pressure was at its peak. After doing the greatest sin in life I cried. I cried and cried. I couldn’t do anything else. I couldn’t even breath. I couldn’t join the happy conversation my family was having. I was isolated. My soul was gone. I couldn’t walk, talk or even smile. I was a zombie. Iam not whining but Iam showing the reality of doing PMO. I came back to this forum and saw the words of my companions in my dairy. I didn’t had the courage to say anything to them. I lost all the challenges, I put all my companions down, I broke all the promises and I put myself down as well. After I released my semen I literally felt that something went away from me. My soul. Please understand, those who are making excuses to do PMO look at my condition. Semen is the most important thing in our life. WITHOUT THAT YOU ARE NOTHING. WITHOUT THAT YOU WON’T ACHIEVE ANYTHING. YOU’LL BE NOTHING IN LIFE. Evoluton has not prepared our brain for this. When you are PMO-ing regularly you won’t understand this. If you want to know the real pain of PMO do it after staying sober for 100 days. I don’t know what else to say. Iam in hell.
Today I woke up at 5 30. I tried reading but I couldn’t focus. My mind was not staying calm. It was running around. It was very hard for me to complete a 5 minutes Meditation session. I tried stretching and got tired after 7 minutes. Then I went out and did jogging. I couldn’t complete even half of the distance I used to run. I felt like I would fall down.
When I came back to my room I saw my vision board and my eyes got filled with tears. I was nothing yesterday. After walking around, crying with a blank heart I had a fight with my mind for 2-3 hours. Then I went to the terrace and did that filthy sin again. Even though I got suicidal thoughts I couldn’t choose death as I promised. Iam a coward now. My semen is my life force. Since it is gone Iam nothing now. Also I take complete responsibility. It was me at the end of the day who conciously said ‘yes’ to do it.
I will come back but this pain is unbearable. I want to let this out somewhere
@josephvt I couldn’t call you yesterday. I was a dead animal, I never thought it would be this hard. Please go on with your streak. If you relapse you’ll be in hell like me.


This is what happened to me yesterday. Iam in hell now. You can check out my diary. I was working 9 hours a day. I was Meditating 20-30 minutes. I was working out very hard.
Now see the condition I’ve put myself in!
If you want to save your life stop this.

@Tagore. Feeling sorry for your condition😞.
I can only say that , a person doesn’t go to zero after a relapse.


I’ll come back brother. Yesterday I understood the real pain of PMO. Never gain. This is the end.


Bro u said ,you are following brahmcharya and u are in relationship, does that makes sense


yes that really does. Prabhu shree ram and shri krishna were brahmachari. Did this make sense? Brahmachari is one who overcomes lust. My goal is that. I can love. I can start my family. But i cant have sex for fun. Thats it.


Thanks for telling , I am going to follow it too :blush:

Do u know any article on it ?
Or can u tell me what exactly your life should beto reach that goal?

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by the name shivam… I feel you are a Hindu. So you do know about our gods. I dont have any article. I just remember some part of their life which tells us that they were bhramachari. God gave me semen for reproduction. I will use it for that only. In vedas it is asked that every human being must maintain celibacy upto tge age of 25. Have kids and family from till 50. Be sanyasi (monk) till 75. And after 75 must go to the forest with his wife and be there till death.

So my story is… I love a girl. I promised her that i wont leave her. But I became spiritual now. I am a great devotee of prabhu shri rama. So i can talk to her. Be with her. I wont leave her. But i will take care that i do not indulge in anything that is not permissible before marriage. U know what i mean.
And i am on a hard mode brahmacharya. I stopped talking to her. I wont for a year. Till then i will overcome this shit. So after that it will be easier for me to do brahmacharya with her.