Is it normal to stressing about something unimportant or trivial?

Hi all.

I have one question for you or I just need reassuance I guess.

So here is The Thing:
I neede to reinstall my OS, so I installed back all my blockers and all. I wanted to test it if it works, so I tried type one page in browser and while it loaded I opened new tab (so in case blocker will not work, I will be safe). I did not have any urge to go there, I just wanted to test it as I put there my personal settings and all were imported into blocker from exported backup before reintalation of OS, so I was wondered if import worked successfully. Blocker worked perfectly, co I closed everything and continued with installation other programs etc. I did not saw anything and here is Q.

So my Q is:
I had no urges to go there, I have no urges now, but I am stressing about it a bit. Is it normal, should I just stop stressing and continue with everything I developed so far?



You dont have urges now and thats ok.

But never ever think of testing things out in this journey, because you dont know which moment will trigger and lead you to relapse.

I fell multiple times because of testing the blocker’s potential, and guess what? I fell all the time.

So one advice, dont think of testing a blocker, because sometimes the search will appear as it is sometimes.

That blocker is for, unintentional triggers that may come up in the search without you searching for them, because if you wanted you could remove the blocker in few seconds.


Bro, don’t think about it. Leave it there or you’ll begin to get urges. Just don’t think about it at all. You don’t have to stress at all. You are doing wonderful. Everything is good.


Don’t test it, @koaxicek like the companions here have wisely said, that’s like asking for a relapse.

If you’re wondering why you’re not facing any urges to go to that site, don’t worry, and congrats! It’s because your mind has begun rewiring and has stopped associating pleasure with that site. Don’t stop now, your rewiring has begun. Press on, and Flame on🔥


@slave_of_allah @PrDr @Ash_Matt thanks guys for reassuring.

Yes it was a bit stupid thing, traing to “check if import of settgns” was correct as @slave_of_allah
mentioned, block is for unintentional or “not in right senses” triggers.

I must admit that I was overthinking it and that made me stressing about it. After cleaning my mind from overthinking at work and other tasks, I see things more clear.

I will continue, with all my routines and never go back in thoughts.

Thanks again and bless you all :slight_smile: