Is it normal to masturbate while watching a woman secretly?

Guys firstly I would like to you that I am not so much into porns and shits, neither do I masturbate while watching a hot erotic web series. Intact I find these things disgusting. What I feel is not normal with me is that I am addicted to masturbating to my neighborhood aunty while secretly watching her. There is washroom in our terrace from where I can see her anytime she comes to her terrace. Peeking from a window in our bathroom,I used to watch her. I love to watch basking her wet hair after she took bathe and wank off my dick while watching her. The way she tosses her hair back and forth, which exposes her back neck is something I couldn’t resist. I bet anyone would find an urge to touch his dick.

My question is if it is normal as long as I don’t act upon it. Note that she is no way she can know what I’m doing :sweat_smile::rofl::rofl: as it all happens inside my washroom…
Guys as I said earlier I am not addicted to porn,rather I am addicted to masturbating while watching women in real life

Put your thoughts on my actions

Not good bro… Please stop that… Even if she doesn’t know, its still peeking, and its very weird. Not that what we did is not weird, so not judging u… But please find a way to stop… Give others their privacy…

Its also like a real life porn of someone you saw in real, without the screen in middle… Still, there’s no human touch there, so it’s the same as porn.


he needs a scolding…

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Bro, people are different. You find porn disgusting, and others would think this even more disgusting :slight_smile:

Don’t do that-it’s plain creepy. Lusting after women in real life is not good-she is someone else’s wife too mate.

Usually people start lusting after everyone after p* exposure, but in your case, it’s good that you never did p* :+1:

Please stop ASAP. That’s a relapse.


Thanks mate ! I will do it

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@Roads_to_purity you are on the right track. Keep improving daily and one day you’ll look back and be proud!


I can relate to this because when porn was not that easily accessible even I use to fantasize and do my thing in alone by thinking about many girl’s, aunties from my neighbourhood also I used check them out when they use come down hanging out in evening times or during occasions and festivals when they use to dress nicely

When you ask is this is normal if you mean to ask do people do such a thing or it’s abnormal not practiced by other at all then the answers is it’s normal many people do it I am facing this issue of fantasizing myself

But your question should be is it healthy then the answer is NO it’s NOT HEALTHY what I have learnt in this past year is that subconsciously Almost every human being has a " Clean Concious "meaning we all know when we do something which is not correct and if we still do such things subconsciously we feel ashamed and guilty also

So ask yourself can you truly admit this habit in front of your loved ones, family and feel okay about it or feel ashamed

Now it’s up to you whether keep doing this in hiding and build up the negitivity inside you which will start affecting other aspects of life for sure or do the right thing correct your self

I’ll suggest to correct your self because think of it will a man who subconsciously feels he is doing something very wrong will he ever be confident in other aspects of life NO the negitivity might cause low self esteem or anxiety or if he is confident then sometimes that negativity can cause rage and anger in other aspects of your life .worst people think that’s who they are and stick with such negative or self hating behaviours and say that is who I am can’t help

Ask your self do you feel such negative emotions in other aspects of your life then the reason is this Shame and guilt my friend

Now it’s up to you quit to gain superiority or accept mediocrity


you have said the right words,yes I feel negativity about other aspect of my life as well. A part of the reason for getting this creepy habit is that since schooldays I had no good friends with whom I can talk to,let alone having a gf. When I went to the college,I was also single at the time,no good friends. So I slowly started to enjoy what I had done once,now this has become a habit. It’s like habit, the moment I see her,I feel an urge to touch my dick. This is creepy I know,I can’t tell anyone,That’s why I am telling you guys hoping you’d help me

The only thing which I am confident about is regarding studies. I recently got an offer from ISRO (Indian Space Research Organisation)as a Research Scientist. I suck at other aspects of my life. Trust me my friend,I don’t have any bad habits other than what I do this shit. I don’t smoke or drink. I only need to get rid of this habit to become the cleaner version of me


Amazing research scientist that super my brother

Now the solution to this is we have to consciously kill this habit which might get difficult ,we should not hate ourself in the process, keep going might be we will slip at times but not to give up .the mere fact that we are fighting this negative habit should boost our positive emotions which will help us build a stronger mindset and a healthy brain which is why people who do nofap say they experience boost of confidence but it’s not that we will always be the best at all times we are humans we might feel negatively at times but due to the positive backup from the “Clean Concious” we will take the negativity more constructively and impove because of which other aspects of life improve on there own so we become a better version of ourself and having help in such times is always good so we need to stick together in this sturggle

Your brother is this struggle
May god bless you


Duuddee a lot of people here are studying their asses off to get to what you have achieved. ISRO? are you kidding me! Dude that’s epic! Think of it this way though. This new job offer can change your life in both ways. Now I assume you’ll be working in ISRO headquarters and you’ll shift nearby for work or you’ll be provided with quarters, I’m not entirely sure. But anyway, when you get there make sure you have no opportunity to be creepy. No peeking windows. I do think you’ll resort to fantasising then which is still bad. It’s one of the hardest things to resist. It’s much more difficult than porn in my opinion. So try to control as much as possible. But a change in location and work will do you good. I think this will be a life-changing experience for you. But as of now yea, what you are doing is super creepy and must stop. It’s not very different from porn. You are looking at something and jacking off. It’s quite similar. Just that porn is fake and can get violent and gross sometimes. Yours is bad in its own way. Just think about it. Assume you have to visit your neighbor for any reason and you meet her and you get a boner Infront of her. That’s literally one of the worst things that can happen. So yea. Tone it down. Don’t run into the washroom everytime you see her. Infact, get out of the house everytime you see her. Play reverse psychology on your brain. Play a uno reverse card on your brain :sweat_smile:


Thanks brother !! I hope once I move to Bengaluru, I will surely able to get rid of this addiction. I know from my heart what I had done and what I am doing is shitty and creepy. I will stop it

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Dude my goal is also to become a scientist.

And by the way, I relapsed on day 58 because of the same reason, a neighborhood girl was in her terrace, she too was basking her wet hair after she took bath, she was also tossing her hair back and forth, the same exact thing I saw, our terrace is at an elevation, so she could not see me. I got so distracted by that I relapsed after few hours.

How did you get offer from ISRO? What exams you wrote? Currently I’m preparing for IIT jam exam can you guide me?

When you come to Bengaluru you are in our territory :joy::joy: I’m from Bangalore myself! The ISRO layouts are not very far my house. There’s so many so I can’t be sure if it’s close by though

You know kannada then?

You need to write IISC for it if I’m not wrong

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Yes bro, I too think same. I aim to become an Astrophysicist. Neil deGrasse Tyson is my inspiration.

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I can’t read and write Kannada, but I do understand and speak but not very fluently. When you hear my Kannada you will understand. It’s broken and it has my malayali accent :joy::joy::joy:

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Great. I’m from Karnataka as well. I live in vijaypur

Bro isn’t that like super north Karnataka?