Is it normal? Please help

Months ago, i’ve got wet dreams. Not once, but TWICE in a day. It’s not just once. A couple months later, it happened again. Do you guys think it’s normal to have a wet dreams twice in a day? Let me know

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Well , do u get second while napping or both while sleeping at night?
Secondly , always wash your feet with cold water and the apply some mustard oil before sleeping

Yes… Totally normal and nothing to be worried about.

Ok İ too once got like this… The first time when İ was sleeping in night and the morning when İ woke up İ just saw and the next time in the afternoon when İ was sleeping İ got wetdream… (Afternoon)
First of all try to maintain your body heat, if your body is in excess heat it would result in a wet dream. Drink more water there and then.
Secondly don’t eat spicy food/Junk food too often.
Then, Don’t try to sleep with your stomach (Sleeping while your face in the floor) İt may also leads to Wetdream…
Also don’t be too lazy/don’t sit in a position for too long.
Don’t ever think about Porn/related stuff like it before sleeping…