Is it normal fetish?

Hi :wave: everyone
Hope all r doing great. Here’s what I have confronted myself these days and I would like to know if it’s normal fetish

Now I am usually attracted to girls having long hair.Now I’m myself like to keep my hairs very short. I don’t know why every time I see a girl for the first time,I tend to look at her hair length. If I find she has very short hair,my attraction goes away instantly. I don’t bother to initiate conversation with her. I find long hairs to be something very feminine in nature.

All I want to know is if it’s ok to have fetish like this where you are compulsively attracted to girls having long lustrous shiny hairs.

PS : The woman to whom I usually fapped to, it’s been more than 4 months I didn’t fap to her while watching. When people roasted me here and calling me creepy,it changed me,then since I never fapped to her. Added to that, nowadays she keeps her hair very short ,so I’m least or not at all attached. Thanks to her,she won’t become my reason for relapsing…

Don’t call me creepy this time as I’m usually known to be creepy :joy::joy:

Take it easy

I don’t think any fetish is normal, otherwise it wouldn’t be a fetish…

So then, the question is, do you have a fetish or just find something attractive?

For example, the very first thing I notice is how tall a girl is. I think being tall makes a girl much more attractive. (I’m also well above average height so it kind of makes sense). I wouldn’t call that a fetish, just something that I find attractive.
You might subconciously like it when a girl has long hair because you like yours short and so together there is a balance :man_shrugging:. Long, thick hair can be a sign of health. My point is, there could be an explanation for why you think this way.

So, for you, with hair: I think thats great. Women are beautiful, and that is something about them that you are particularly attracted to. There’s nothing to worry about.

BUT, the key is: are you objectifying women for this reason? Its okay to notice a girl’s hair first, but do you also care about her personality, and who she is? Do you spend too much time thinking about it?

I think those things are the difference between a healthy and “normal” attraction, and an unhealthy fetish.


in my opinion it is normal. you are just attracted to girls with long hair and that’s all. it is not even a fetish. let’s imagine someone who likes short girls. so far i have never encountered anyone saying that he has short girl fetish or something like this.

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You understand :sweat_smile: my point… Thanks
Honestly I don’t think it’s not fetish either… it’s not like that I compulsively chase all long hair girls :joy:

It’s true when you are seeking long term relationship… Yes I know just having a long hair doesn’t make the girl nicer from her heart… But we all know,the first time we see a stranger,it is our very nature to judge that guy or girl based on appearance… That’s how we evolved… We all love beauty…

It’s not that p4rn thing which made me this like to desire long hair girls. I think I am subconsciously attracted because I have bad hair growth gene I guess. My hair doesn’t grow much,and also quality of my hair isn’t that health… May be that’s the reason my brain wants me to mate with a girl with healthier and long hairs so that my upcoming generation have good hairs… again this is my explanation why I love long hairs. I don’t know how logical is this


Chill bro, it’s not a fettish, it’s just a preference. I prefer girls with curly hair and I’m not a fan of straight hair. If a girl straightens her natural curly hair, my attraction towards that person is 0. The point is everyone has preferences and it’s completely ok to be attracted to someone based on their appearance. But you must like her personality Yoo and she should bring some value into your life too, and you to her. This is ideal for a good relationship in my opinion. This is from my personal experiences btw


Is fetish the right word? Anyway instead of asking everyone, you are the best judge. We all know some things are bad and some aren’t. Inspite of that we do it and ask for peoples opinion. For example nofap. But deep down we all know Nofap would help us for better. So hear that inner voice of yours.

I have already called you out for being a creep and so have plenty of people here.

You haven’t asked But i ll still say, it doesn’t matter what a girl looks like. If she doesn’t make you feel right, its not worth it. My ex was like text book cute. But she fucked up my mental health. Why am i saying this? Because instead of craving beauty, we should long for compatibility.

I would suggest you the same. And you can make that happen by communicating. Beauty fades, but if you love that person. It will be with you till u die


Very nicely and rightly said bro
Yes looks aren’t everything…

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