Is it normal? Feat. Getting it out of my chest

So, I keep failing all the time, is this normal in the beginning?
In the last few days I started to touch myself but soon stopped, I still restarted. My boyfriend broke up with me and I can’t feel excited or horny, so whenever I start I stop because I feel numb and sad.
Masturbation was my relief valve, now sad and without a boyfriend I can’t even do it, I swear I’m taking all my strength to come out here.
It had been 2 days since I had even turned on the computer, I try to occupy myself to the maximum not to cry, it was 5 years with him and it is very painful.


I’m sorry you are going through a difficult time with this breakup. You were exactly right when you said how “masturbation was your relief valve.” I think that is a common aspect of addiction in general.
Unfortunately, these addictive behaviors only make it harder to cope with stress and other negative emotions. You will heal in time. Just remember, it doesn’t matter how many times you fail, what matters is that you choose to try again. You will improve over time.

Make sure you find other people to be with. This will help your struggle with the social deficit. Family, friends, spend time around them, find things to do together. Addiction feeds isolation, and a relationship ending can fuel that even more.

So, those are my thoughts and advice. Remember, you are new at this (it is the beginning for you) so yes, you might fail a lot. The important thing is to try again.
Again, I’m sorry you have to go through that, it’s rough.
Best of luck on your journey. You can do this!


whenever there is a change in our life we fails lot of time because today’s failure going to become tomorrow’s success story. Hangin there and Keep fighting for yourself. You are not alone anymore. We are listening to your story.
Feeling numb is natural I believe. Even I feel numb and lot of mood swing nowadays because of change

I agree. Even I feel the same. But you know, this is not true. Fluid from body going to waste for nothing. How come it’s a benifit? May be inside our brain we keep on telling ourselves temporary pleasure that’s what we want at that moment, otherwise we can’t concentrate or will die or something like that.but this is not true. Real pleasure is way better than this. ( This ‘pleasure’ varies again from person to person)

It’s a part of life and soon you’ll be stronger and better person. This is what tricky game playing by your mind with in two days. You are perfectly fine but still your mind is not accepting it. Watch out your thoughts and become aware. A quat, I come accross today

@keepFighting as said,

This would be a really nice idea. People and time change. So accept it and let go. You will find better person for lifetime. Believe yourself and Work for yourself for getting better on each day. Again we are listening to your story… Good Day!!


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