Is it natural ? Read at your own risk

Hello nofapper

As you might be knowing ( if not ) that I always ask weird stuffs to you, that’s because I believe you all r my family and hence I feel no shame ok admitting to you guys
This time I want to ask how to control oneself from sexual thoughts
Whenever I am higher streaks ( over 40+ days ) I feel intense urge for having intimacy. I badly longs for it. I stare at almost all girls passing down the road,and check out how long is her hairs,how other body parts. I’m particularly attracted to girls having long hair,yes I am long hair fetish. No I don’t stare at them like a creepy person it but I do it very cleverly so that they don’t notice me

Do you guys if it’s normal for a guy who is 25 years old virgin boy ??

Is it creepy ? I feel uncontrollable attraction to girls having long silky hairs


I don’t see anything wrong in this,
You are embracing the beauty of the girl
What’s wrong in it.
Just don’t look them in a creepy way.
And if you are 25 years old.
You should think about getting married.


Attraction is common but what are you going to achieve by looking? Its not like she is going to be your girlfriend or something. It would be weird for the girl to see people checking her out, they always notice no matter how hard you try to be smart about it. Probably they are dealing with this since their teen years. Most guys check the girls out the way you do, but I personally don’t see any point there. It makes the girl feel awkward on top, also its the matter of decency… Go ahead, tell her she looks pretty by looking at her face, thats no problem. Checking other stuff out is not decent from my view… Imagine an alternate world where girls looking at your thing while walking? Isn’t that weird? Would you think think that they like you because they checked you out? No, right? Infact if they come and propose, you would outright reject them. We want them to like us because of our hearts, not by our looks.

My suggestion, tone it down… There’s no point to it. Its understandable because its very tempting but try to control it.


Nice one @JonSnow001 :yellow_heart:


Bro @Roads_to_purity if you’re 25 like @rewire_user said, it’s time you can search for someone to marry. Not good to search for someone when you’re 17 or 18, but 25? You can. Don’t rush in and marry the first person you meet, though.

But if they cannot control themselves, they should marry, for it is better to marry than to burn with passion. -1 Corinthians 7:9 (Bible)

Nothing wrong with wanting intimacy, it’s natural and even I face it. But for me I suppress it because I’m not at the age I should marry yet. For you, you’re at such an age.


What should I do then ??

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Start searching for a mate bro…

Start loving… and search your life partner

And I am feeling the same feelings which you are facing now…

But my age is 17 only…I should ignore these type of feelings…but you can absolutely start finding your life partner.



If you have well settled earning job(as per your thinking) then go for next step to search for bride to marry & don’t do any rush because it’s very important decision we make… once in lifetime.

If not, try to focus on your goals(get the best earning job) and don’t marry until you think you can take the responsibility her(in every way).

Shift ur whole focus to "what you wanna do next? "


What’s your age bro ??

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It is common but you should aware of it because all our urges comes because of the eye sights ,
So you should try to lower your gaze

Bro I’m still 17 :joy: I’m not thinking of marriage now

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You don’t need sex, you need love if you look deeply. If you think all you need is sex then go get an escort and do sex, you’ll regret having it i bet. You need relationship, love, support but first you have to open doors to get it. You have to heal yourself first to experience love,joy,relationships.


Yes brother
I am truly longing for a life partner. That’s it. I also wish someone to hold my hand in public. And hold me tightly from back when I am riding bike.

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It is perfectly natural indeed. And it wouldbe disturbing if you didn’t feel anything by the way.
Of course, girls make up a great part of our lives, and I see many people here recommend you started searching for a mate.
I wouldn’t recommend that, at least not searching constantly to find one. My advice is, develop yourself, your hobbies, become more open, daring, confident, feel right in your own skin, be gentle with yourself. Then you will see that girls will somehow feel closer to you, and you will be free to make a move the right way. But don’t rush for it. First love yourself, and be comfortable with yourself. Then only will it be possible for someone else to do the same.
Good luck!