Is it just me / Weird stuff you do on nofap

I have realised that I have some absurd behaviours sometimes while doing nofap that I like to share and I’d love to hear yours :grin:

First off, when I install a pornblocker I can spend spend hours afterwards to find loopholes in it. I install it so I won’t be able to watch porn, and then I get totally manic until I’ve found all the possible ways to bypass it. And the worst part is when I hear myself telling myself, this is stupid, stop it. My brain tells me yeah just a sec, just one more loophole. So then I have to install another one becourse the first one is now useless. And then I do the same thing again.

Second thing I find myself doing, is I scan the ground for porn magazines. I do this while walking in the forrest!!! Like why the heck would I find porn laying around in the forrest.

Do you have any wied behaviour you want to share I love to hear it.

I definitely know the first one you mentioned. That’s why I stopped restricting my browser :sweat_smile:

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Yes, when i dont watch porn… My senses satisfy themselves by watching hot women in public places,especialy there shape & beauty.
One more thing, when i am alone lying on my bed, if i would allow my sexual thoughts to wander into fantasy it makes porn on its own in my mind.

I think these are mind hacks to get you back to Orgasm.

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I feel very identified with you @Resurrection

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I’m the curious type of person so I finally tried relapsing using pillow for real. And the satisfaction is amplified to 450%!!!

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Well, that’s the last though.